Tony Schiavone Comments On Sting’s Last Match At AEW Revolution

AEW personality Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson recently spoke on their “What Happened When” podcast about a variety of professional wrestling topics including Sting’s last match at AEW Revolution:

“Sting and I got reunited with AEW thanks to Tony Khan and it was a pretty damn good three years having Sting with us. It was a crazy three years having Sting with us. The people in Greensboro really responded to him. They really responded to the final match and I’m very proud of that because Greensboro forever lives in my mind. Great entrance using his son. It was very, very well done. He finishes undefeated in AEW. The way they did it, the way the finish was laid out, it was like Sting came back from everything. I was thinking it’s like Superman. Put this on him and Sting rises up. Hitting with the EVP trigger, Sting still comes back. He just came back like a Superman from each and every move. It was a great sendoff, very well booked, very well done.”

Schiavone continued, “I saw Darby in the back afterwards and he was really cut up. They were picking the glass. They were given him stitches. He’s laying there face first and he said, ‘Hey, I’m okay. I thought I was losing all that blood and everything that I would maybe go into shock or something, but I’m fine.’ I’m looking at him of course as I do and just shake my head and as I do tell him he’s out of his freakin mind. Then I tell him, ‘That’s okay because when you climb Mount Everest, all those things will freeze, so you’ll be fine’, which he’s doing next month.”

Sting’s in-ring career has ended but at the AEW Revolution media scrum, he left the door open to continuing with the company in another role.

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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