Trick Williams Hopes He Inspires People To Take A Chance On Themselves

WWE NXT Champion Trick Williams recently appeared on an episode of The Masked Man Show, where he talked about a number of topics including how he hopes that his success inspires people to take a chance on themselves.

Williams said, “If I want my legacy to be told, I want people to know that you have to take a chance on yourself.” “That’s regardless of your background, your skin color, your sport, or if you’ve been on the independents. Even with my wrestling journey, people say, ‘In three years he’s done so much.’ Nah, the truth is it took me 30 years to blow up like you see me today. I’ve been grinding for a very long time.”

“And along every step of the journey, every single phase, I’ve been okay with taking a chance for myself. This is where it gets you. It might not happen the first time, might not happen the second time, but eventually, if you keep on working, you keep putting the work in, you know you’re true to that grind, you keep banking on yourself, you’re gonna break through those doors.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.