Triple H Comments On Future WWE International Events, Backlash: France Attendance

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque took part in the post-Backlash press conference to talk about a number of topics including the attendance of WWE Backlash France.

Triple H said, “We had huge expectations for being here. You surpassed those greatly. Everybody getting alerts to their phones that the decibel levels were too high and they were risking permanent damage to their hearing. I love to read that and I love to experience that. Quite a night. We had the largest gate of any arena show in WWE history tonight and I think that’s worth repeating. The largest gate in the history of WWE. Man, that is saying something, because we’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve been doing this around the globe. It’s quite a statement. And I’m blown away by that. Very excited. We broke the all-time record, obviously, for Smackdown, which was just set four weeks ago at Wrestlemania. So in this time we’re very fortunate to be knocking off record after record. 11,628 in the house tonight, so excited. I would expect this to not be the last time we are in France.”

On future international events:

“You see that this is the beginning of a very large global run for us. WWE going out there and taking what we do and taking it to the rest of the world that we haven’t always been frequently going to. You’ll see that in this international run that is up and coming. Three weeks from today, we will be in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for King & Queen of the Ring. Three weeks after that, Glasgow, Scotland for Clash at the Castle. Three weeks after that, Toronto, Canada for Money in the Bank. We’ll take a little journey into the US for Summerslam and then right back to Germany for Bash in Berlin on August 31. So I think you see the commitment now to international markets. As I said, I would not expect this to be the last time in France. From what I heard on this tour of the last few days, Italy was quite crazy. So when we get home I will be looking heavily into Italy. I hear this a lot from people, people hit me up a lot on social media from various international markets, asking ‘how do we get WWE here?’ You get it by doing what France did here. You get it by being loud. You get those events by being intense, by being crazy and just being passionate about WWE. So I would look forward to a lot more international events in the years to come. And one last thing I will say when it comes to amazing fans, great reactions…our friend in London, Mayor Khan, was re-elected tonight, we should talk. As I said before. We should talk.”

You can check out Triple H’s comments in the video below.