Triple H Comments on the Future of WarGames, Paul Heyman, Becky Lynch, More

(Photo Credit: WWE)

On Saturday night, Byron Saxton hosted a press conference following WWE Survivor Series: War Games. He was joined by Paul Heyman and Sami Zayn first, then Becky Lynch and RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, and finally WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H. Here are highlights from the press conference, as well as the full video:

* Heyman praised Zayn’s performance in War Games. Zayn expressed his hope that this would put an end to rumors of dissension within The Bloodline. He dismissed online speculation and claimed that everyone, including his alleged best friend Kevin Owens, was saying the same things as people online. He stated that he hopes people can see that he truly accepts The Bloodline, and that they have fully accepted him.

* When discussing Owens, Zayn mentioned how emotional the job is. All joking aside, he stated that this was a very emotional night for him. It’s strange how genuine emotions emerge even in a performance like this. He stated that their history is more than just a story; you can’t talk about Sami’s career without mentioning Owens, and vice versa. According to Sami, it’s not just good acting that’s coming to the fore; it’s real stuff. He described the night as “very emotional” for a variety of reasons.

* Heyman praised Sami for her performance, comparing her to an actor who has a guest spot on a TV show but ends up with a starring role on the cast because he is so passionate and good at what he does.

* Zayn was asked if he is the most important member of the Bloodline besides Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Sami does not view things in terms of a ranking system; in fact, he dislikes them. He stated that it is a unit, and that everyone plays an important role in its overall success.

* Lynch was asked how she felt after being gone for several months. She joked that her back hurts, but she feels great, and winning is always nice. Her thing is to come back better than before, and she felt like she did when she was away while pregnant, and she felt the same way at Survivor Series. She stated that they demolished the house.

* Lynch stated that she was in Ireland celebrating her brother’s 40th birthday when she received the call to work Survivor Series. After beginning as bitter enemies, she claims Belair has become a close friend. She has a great deal of respect for Belair, referring to her as the EST of WWE. Lynch stated that she is eager to fight for Belair.

* Belair was asked who she would want to face at WrestleMania 39 in an ideal world. She stated that she has two options: Rhea Ripley or Charlotte Flair. Ripley because it would be good to meet at the top of their respective careers, and Flair because she has a goal of defeating all Four Horsewomen. Flair is the only one she has left.

* They were asked what else they wanted to accomplish on their way to WrestleMania. Lynch wants to be the first woman to win the Royal Rumble twice, while Belair wants to headline WrestleMania on the second night because she has already done Night 1.

* Lynch was asked if he had ever done the leg drop from the top of the War Games cage. She stated that she did not hesitate, but she was terrified when she practiced the jump earlier in the day. She joked about her sweaty palms, but said that when you have the energy of the crowd, anything feels possible; it’s the people who make them feel like superheroes, and then you become one. God bless the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, she said. Dakota Kai and IYO SKY were probably feeling a lot worse than she did after the move.

* As their segment came to a close, Lynch and Belair exchanged a few friendly words about the title.

* Triple H thanked the crew for making the Survivor Series possible, as well as the fans and everyone at the TD Garden.

* He spoke about the earlier reported attendance, viewership, and gate.

* Triple H congratulated Lynch and everyone else on a job well done with Women’s War Games. He described the opening match as incredible.  He discussed the importance of opening a show versus closing it, stating that opening is just as important to him as closing. You want to open big and close big, and that’s exactly what the women did. He couldn’t be more overjoyed.

* He thought Shotzi and SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey did well in a difficult situation, and the Triple Threat for the WWE United States Title was incredible. He specifically mentioned new champion Austin Theory. He claimed Theory’s career was dead two weeks ago and has now been resurrected, which is quite an accomplishment for Theory. He stated that if Theory can walk on water next, he will be fine.

* He stated that the Survivor Series meant a lot to everyone at the company. He mentioned how this is a new transition in time when you’re trying to forge a new path while remembering where you came from. He talked about how he grew up watching Survivor Series and War Games, and how putting them together for one night and having it deliver in such a big way meant a lot to him and the rest of the roster. He stated that the talents rose to the occasion and exceeded expectations no matter what was asked of them.

* He stated that we will see if War Games will be a permanent fixture at Survivor Series in the future. He said it went extremely well and was very exciting. He said they’d look at the calendar and see where things go, but Survivor Series worked and made him optimistic. He was also questioned about reports of matches like Hell In a Cell being moved away from their own events, and War Games possibly becoming a traveling match rather than being tied to Survivor Series. He stated that it is possible. He overhears the talk and speculation about Hell In a Cell and comments on the feeling that Hell In a Cell is a massive slap in the face to feuds. He hears about the possibility of Hell in a Cell, Money in the Bank, the Elimination Chamber, and other things changing.

* He stated that traditional Survivor Series matches are not over. They must consider what is best for the fans at the time; sometimes things need a break and then you bring them back because they are iconic. To say that traditional matches will never be seen again at Survivor Series is incorrect; they decided internally that this was the year to shake things up. He also stated that RAW vs. SmackDown was getting old and needed a refresh. At the end of the day, it’s all about providing the best entertainment possible.