Update On WWE Main Roster And NXT Talent Being Released Following Endeavor Acquisition

(Photo Credit: Ariel Helwani)

On Tuesday, Endeavor made an official announcement regarding the merger of WWE and UFC into TKO. In addition to employee layoffs, it has been reported that “major” main roster and NXT releases are on the way.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com noted the following regarding potential talent cuts:

“For those who have asked, we have been told there are no plans for talent cuts today. Today is primarily about cutting employees who would be considered redundant as UFC and WWE’s offices are combined. The belief among those we have spoken with is that the WWE roster, the production team, on-air talents and those who work with talents, such as producers, coaches, etc. would not be part of today’s cuts.”

Fightful.com’s Sean Ross Sapp also stated the following on Twitter/X:

“I haven’t heard anything about talent releases as of yet personally, only the rumors and reports. Even then, WWE has had a different method regarding departures and hasn’t been disclosing them publicly or internally, or sending memos to the roster, or confirming them to us.”