Video: Cody Rhodes Reveals What He Said When Looking Up After WrestleMania 40 Victory

Cody Rhodes had a message for Dusty Rhodes after winning the WWE Universal title at WrestleMania 40.

On his appearance on The Pivot podcast, “The American Nightmare” revealed what he said to his late father, “The American Dream,” when looking up to the heavens after finally “finishing the story” by dethroning Roman Reigns to win the title his legendary father never could during his iconic career.

“At Mania, I had a brief moment where I got to look up and I’m very shocked that Michael Cole or nobody could pick up what I was saying,” Rhodes began. “Maybe it was because the shot was so quick. I looked up and I said, ‘Sorry it took me so long.’ I think I planned on saying a gazzilion other things, but that’s really how I felt.”

He continued, “‘This is really cool. My mom is in the ring. ‘Your family is taken care of. Generationally, we’re setting everything up, but I’m sorry it took so long.’ He was a believer. Truthfully. Not just Dad, ‘That’s my boy.’ He really thought, ‘He’s got it. He just has to find it.’ I did. It was just later than anticipated.”