Video: Tatum Paxley Teases Another TNA Appearance After Against All Odds Ends

TNA Wrestling fans may not have seen the last of Tatum Paxley just yet.

The WWE NXT Superstar teased as much in a digital exclusive video released from backstage at Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois, immediately following her unadvertised surprise appearance at the 13th annual TNA Against All Odds pay-per-view event.

Paxley ended up being the one to answer the TNA Knockouts Championship Open Challenge laid out by Jordynne Grace at the TNA Against All Odds show on Friday, June 14, 2024, however she ultimately came up short, as Grace beat her with her Juggernaut Driver to retain her title.

After the show, Paxley shared a video message from backstage at the TNA PPV show venue.

While still in her ring gear fresh off of her loss to Grace, and while barely containing a sadistic laugh, she stated, “Jordynne Grace might’ve got the best of me, but there is no doubt that I will do anything-and-everything in my power until I become a champion.”

Paxley concluded, “I’m not done yet.”