Vince McMahon Sells Huge Amount Of Stock To TKO And Endeavor

(Photo Credit: TKO)

TKO and Endeavor are purchasing some stock shares from Vince McMahon.

In response to a lawsuit alleging that Vince McMahon engaged in sex trafficking, shared explicit videos and nude photos of Janel Grant without permission, and other activities from the former WWE employee, WWE and its parent company have continued to distance themselves from McMahon.

When the suit was revealed, McMahon resigned from his position at TKO. The lawsuit also named the company and its former executive, John Laurnatis.

According to a new SEC filing, Endeavor is purchasing 1,642,970 shares for $142.6 million, while TKO is purchasing an additional 1,853,724 for approximately $150 million. The grand total is approximately $293 million. Following this agreement, it appears that McMahon will have 8,021,405 remaining TKO shares, accounting for approximately 4.7% of TKO stock.