Vince McMahon Sells WWE Stock, Legend Praises Becky Lynch

– Vince McMahon sold 3,204,427 shares of WWE’s Class A common stock on Wednesday. In the SES filing, it was noted that “Mr. McMahon executed the sale primarily to fund a separate entity from the Company, Alpha Entertainment LLC ‘Alpha’)” which is the parent company of XFL.

– In an interview with, Mick Foley gave praise to Becky Lynch:

“I believe their time has come. Becky Lynch has succeeded in becoming the biggest name in our business and I think that’s great. She’s a good friend, she’s a wonderful person and it couldn’t happen to a nicer lass. I go back to my messages about eight or nine months ago and when she came to me for some advice I told her to be patient and to be ready. Then when she got the opportunity, she ran with it like nobody I’ve ever seen, like ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.”