What Bo Dallas Said To Uncle Howdy On WWE RAW

During this week’s episode of WWE RAW, Abby The Witch (Nikki Cross) of The Wyatt Sicks handed Michael Cole a VHS tape. Later in the show, the VHS tape was played, which featured an interview between Uncle Howdy and Bo Dallas. Dallas’ brother Windham Rotunda, also known as Bray Wyatt, was killed, according to reports.

Howdy questioned Dallas, “How did it feel when your brother died?” Dallas responded with, “Like the most important thing in my life was taken away from me. Like nothing was ever going to matter again.”

Howdy asked about Wyatt’s legacy. Dallas stated that he wanted to be like his brother, and that they would rule together. However, it was taken away, and everyone forgot about him. Dallas stated that he made people remember, which Howdy agreed with.