Will Ospreay Reacts To Brainbuster Spot From AEW Revolution That Left Him With Bruising

As seen at the 2024 AEW Revolution PPV event, Will Ospreay defeated Konosuke Takeshita in his first match under a contract to the company. Takeshita gave Ospreay a brainbuster in the corner, leaving him bruised.

While speaking with the media after the 2024 AEW Revolution PPV event, Ospreay commented on the spot.

“My ass is so bad. Can I show a little bit of it? I’m not gonna show you my cheek. [Shows his back/backside, which is clearly bruised] That sucked so much.”

“That moment he brain-bustered my ass on the rope, dude, that was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I wanted to cry [laughs]. There’s a lump, dude. But Takeshita’s the best.”