WWE Bails On “Big Time Becks” Trademark

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Don’t expect any new “Big Time Becks” t-shirts to appear at WWE Shop any time soon.

WWE has officially abandoned the trademark for “Big Time Becks.”

On Friday, May 24, 2024, WWE filed paperwork to abandon the “Big Time Becks” trademark, which was at one time the primary nickname for current WWE Women’s World Champion Becky Lynch.

WWE previously filed for the trademark back in September 2021, but it was opposed by James K. Duck, who has a “Bigtime” trademark in related to pro wrestling, nine days later. Legal proceedings were ongoing as recently as April 1, and a discovery conference was ordered in March.

Abandoned after an inter partes decision by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. For further information, see TTABVUE on the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board web page.