WWE Betting: Dive Into The Realm Of Wrestling Wagering

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is a wrestling entertainment show broadcast around the world. It features intricate storylines, recurring villains, and unexpected heroes, providing fans with plenty of excitement and, most importantly, betting opportunities. WWE betting provides a unique twist on the typical sports betting formula with bets such as:

  • Near Fall (the pinned wrestler breaks free after two taps)
  • Top Heel/Babyface (villain/hero wins the fight; applies in team matches as well)
  • Brand Winner (Smackdown and Raw are two brands that sometimes compete)

WWE betting is still not publicly available in the US because WWE is not an actual sport, but a series of scripted wrestling matches where wrestlers are given personas and told to win, lose, or switch sides. Some wrestlers go so far as to maintain their scripted persona outside the ring at all costs. That level of dedication to the script is called “kayfabe,” loosely taken to mean “the art of pretending an event is real when everyone knows it’s scripted.”

What is WWE?

WWE is a sport that originates from circus sideshow wrestling attractions where passers-by could participate for a fee. The main issue with such sideshow attractions was injuries to wrestlers, which is why the matches were scripted. Still, even a scripted match would be enough to draw in a crowd that would gladly pay to witness hulking beasts grapple and throw each other in the ring.

Today, WWE draws a significant crowd that gladly pays to see their favorite wrestlers in the ring and would probably enjoy WWE betting. WWE events are broadcast to over 180 countries and are watched by millions of fans, with the majority of WWE audience in:

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • the UK
  • India

and as of 2020, 40% of them are women.

The streaming audience for one of the events, Wrestlemania, has been growing from year to year, with a 29% increase from 2022 to 2023’s Wrestlemania 39. That means over 161,000 fans tuned in to watch Wrestlemania 39 live, generating revenue of more than $21.6 million for just that event. Two other WWE events, SmackDown and RAW After Mania, drew in 2.6 million fans for the final 2022 episode and 2.2 million for the April 2023 episode, respectively. 

Despite its respectable popularity, WWE is not able to expand into sports betting. WWE betting is still not legal in the US because betting regulators are concerned with match outcome transparency. A March 2023 report by USA Today reveals that WWE is working with an accounting firm Ernst & Young to minimize the chances of a match outcome leaking into the public in order to quell regulator worries, presumably by enforcing kayfabe.

Types of WWE Bets

WWE features the flagship Big Four events (Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, and WrestleMania) and a rotating roster of side events, such as Elimination Chamber and Money In The Bank. The bet types are equivalent to those of typical sports, such as soccer, but bookmakers will adapt them to WWE. Overs/unders may become “over/under 2.5 titles change hands.” Long-term bets, called “futures,” refer to bets such as “who will win the tournament.”

Moneyline WWE Betting

Moneyline or money line bets refer to bets on the winner of any given match. For example, a moneyline bet on the “Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns” match would offer Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns as options. The bookmaker will indicate the estimated odds of either contestant winning through the payout lines, which can be positive or negative. If the match is interrupted before there is a winner, the bet is voided and the stake is returned.

Props WWE Betting

Propositions (props) refer to specific events during a match. For example, “will Brock Lesnar use The F-5 during a match.” If the match is interrupted but the event occurred, the bet is not voided.

Parlay WWE Betting

Parlay bets, also called “accumulators” or “accas,” are two or more moneyline or prop bets tied together. For the parlay bet to win, all bets in it must win. The bookmaker may limit the availability of some bets for parlays or require a certain number or combination of events before a parlay bet is valid. For example, a WWE parlay bet may be limited to outcomes from the same WWE event or match.


What Wrestling Promotions Can I Bet On?

Wrestling promotions are companies that organize wrestling matches. Each promotion has unique stories, tournaments, and characters, with some promotions relying on scripting more than others. WWE betting refers to betting on any of the wrestling promotions. For fans looking to place bets on wrestling events, online casino Azerbaijan provides odds and markets for popular promotions like WWE. 


The most notable wrestling promotion is WWE, with three brands:

  • Raw (2002–2011 and 2016–present)
  • SmackDown (2002–2011 and 2016–present)
  • NXT (2010–present)

WWE features innovative events and A-list photogenic entertainers who often become household names. The best example is The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), who as of 2024 starred in at least 73 movies. Another example is John Cena, who as of 2024 appeared in 32 movies and won 16 world titles under WWE. The biggest WWE betting markets are offered for WWE events.

Impact Wrestling

The biggest WWE competitor was formerly known as TNA (Total Nonstop Action) until January 2024. It features the X-Division, in which wrestlers perform acrobatic and technical feats of courage. The high-risk moves are akin to stunts, and there are few safeguards for wrestlers. The X-Division slogan is, “It’s not about weight limits, it’s about no limits.” This promotion is not as popular as WWE, and few bookmakers offer markets for it.

AEW (All Elite Wrestling)

AEW was started in 2019 by Rashid Khan, a Pakistani billionaire who owns the Jacksonville Jaguars. It has a roster of former WWE stars. The fighting styles are reminiscent of the early 2000s wrestling.  

NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling)

NJPW is the most popular wrestling promotion outside the US. It partners with Impact Wrestling and AEW to reach a larger audience. Their most popular wrestler is André the Giant (André Roussimoff).

What WWE Events are Open for Betting?

Besides the four flagship events, WWE features various side events that may be network-exclusive and may have limited markets. In 2023, WWE had 18 events across the world and in locations such as Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the USA, and Canada. Through August 2024, WWE is slated to have 14 events. This time, they will also be in Scotland, France, and Germany.

Elimination Chamber

Two wrestlers are inside a cage with four enclosures. Inside each enclosure, there is another wrestler who is released after 5 minutes elapse. Most often held in February, this is a popular event for moneyline WWE betting. Bookmakers may also offer moneyline betting on which team will win.

Money In The Bank

A briefcase with money is hanging above the ring. Wrestlers jostle to reach it by climbing a ladder. Whoever grabs the briefcase gets the title match contract and may use it at any time within the next 12 months. 

Royal Rumble

Two wrestlers start in the ring. Every 90 seconds, another wrestler joins the brawl. In total, 30 wrestlers get in the ring and fight until only one is left standing. A Royal Rumble match may last up to an hour, representing an endurance test as well. There is a separate Royal Rumble for women. 


The second biggest WWE event of the year is often held in August. It features up to a dozen matches, with 2–3 in the Kickoff pre-show to build the tension or promote tie-ins. The SummerSlam culminates in a series of matches that resolve storylines and create drama. This event has decent WWE betting markets coverage. 

Survivor Series

Two teams of wrestlers fight in the ring. New wrestlers are added to the ring every few minutes. They are eliminated until only one wrestler or team is left. This is the second-longest-running WWE event. Since 2022, the format has changed to more closely resemble the Elimination Chamber.


The biggest WWE event of the year, WrestleMania has the best WWE betting markets. Spanning two days in April, it features celebrities inside and outside the ring, with hilarious matches such as Snoop Dogg vs the Miz at the 2023 edition. Ex-WWE stars may appear too, such as John Cena and The Rock.

WWE Betting Strategy

Placing a WWE bet is exciting, but what is more exciting is consistently winning. That is hard if mathematical strategies are used because wrestling is unpredictable. In addition, prior performance does not predict future performance. Instead, the best WWE betting strategy is to analyze events with an open mind.

Compare odds

Bookmakers set their WWE odds to always gain a slight benefit, counting on bettors being in a rush. Never commit to a wager until comparing odds. In the long run, the 1–2% higher odds mean a lot.

Find value wagers

Bookmakers who offer WWE betting will set odds so the house always wins. However, even bookmakers can make a mistake. Scour the WWE markets and find odds that seem like a mistake, researching the match to find any value. This instinct takes years to hone. 

Learn the WWE jargon

WWE has a specific jargon that can be confusing to newbies. Knowing the jargon prevents betting mistakes, such as placing a bet on the wrong event. Conversely, understanding how WWE matches work allows for faster and more efficient discovery of value wagers. 


Despite kayfabe, wrestlers still unwittingly leak information about matches. Dedicated WWE bettors follow forums and social media, listening for WWE info. However, beware of widely circulated rumors — some people start false rumors to cause confusion.