WWE Executive Who Reported Directly To Vince McMahon Is Leaving The Company

(Photo Credit: @mkslash1241)

WWE and Vince McMahon are losing a top executive who plans to leave the company.

The recent WWE acquisition by Endeavor, which saw WWE join with the UFC, is still having repercussions. Following the merger, Vince McMahon now owns 28.84 million TKO shares worth $3 billion.

Suzette Ramirez-Carr, the company’s Executive Vice President of Human Resources, will leave on November 3.

WWE President Nick Khan announced the resignation in an email to all WWE employees on Friday, according to Brandon Thurston and WrestleNomics.

Human Resources was most likely one of the divisions in the TKO merger that overlapped the most. Ramirez-Carr had been reported to McMahon personally.