WWE Hall of Famer Pitches Idea For The Young Bucks

Here are the highlights from WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray’s recent appearance on Busted Open Radio:

Bully Ray on wanting to see a tag team break the legs of the Young Bucks to get heat: “When the time is right, with the right tag team, and I’ve seen teams try to do this, but they’re not really following through with it. This is going to be a long, played out story. You see how Dustin was selling the arm with his cast for a long time? ‘Kay. Some tag team needs to break both of the Young Bucks’ legs. Break one of Nick’s legs. Break one of Matt’s legs. I want to see The Young Bucks not wrestle for six to eight weeks. I want to see them in casts, on crutches for six to eight weeks. If you gotta live that gimmick for six to eight weeks because of the eventual blowoff and payoff, then so be it. You do it. Because if I’m a tag team wrestler, what do I want to do? I want to take away their biggest strengths. I want to take away the Superkicks, and if I take away the Superkicks from The Young Bucks that means I take the Superkick Party away from the fans. And that’s how you get heat.”

Bully Ray on an angle he pitched to Vince McMahon to damage The Rock’s throat: “A long time ago, I pitched an idea to Vince McMahon about me and D-Von crushing The Rock’s throat, so The Rock couldn’t talk anymore. I wanted to take away the People’s Voice from the people. Obviously, it never happened, but Vince told me he really, really liked the idea.”

Bully Ray on heels trying to get heat by damaging a key aspect of a babyface: “When you see a babyface that has something that resonates with the people, as a heel that’s what you want to zero in on and take away from them. Because now they will feel sympathy for them. Take the Superkicks away, how big do you think the place would blow, if they didn’t get a Superkick for three months, and eventually The Young Bucks came in and were able to double Superkick the two guys that broke their legs in the first place?”