WWE Main Event Results – February 29, 2024

WWE Main Event Results – February 29, 2024

Ivy Nile vs. Xia Li

Match starts off with a lock up and Xia Li shoves Ivy Nile into the corner before we get a  another go and this time Nile shoves Li on her ass.

Li lands a kick to the gut and lands some strikes before a hip toss is blocked and Nile gets a backslide for a two count. Nile tries a slam but Li escapes.

They trade reversals and Nile gets a kick to the gut then a delayed vertical suplex from Nile connects as she shows off her strength. Li rolls to the apron and catches Nile running in.

She trips her and wraps her up in the ring apron before she throws strikes and hits a running knee as she tells the crowd I’m the best.

Back in the ring Li goes for a pin, but only gets two then a one count then a heavy blow to the back from Li. Nile gets a monkey flip out of the corner.

She tries another, but Xia drops down and Li hits head first on the top rope.

Li stomps Nile down in the corner and then gets a snap suplex for a two count then Nile with a head squeeze basically and she slams Li down as she tried to fight her way out.

Li mocks Nile by wishing her Happy Birthday before Nile mounts her comeback with a running kick in the corner then a suplex for a two count.

Li back with kicks to the chest so Nile throws one back then they start trading kicks.

Nile goes rapid kicks but Li catches the boot and transitions into a crossface.

Nile is able to break the grip to escape then Nile with a spin kick to the head and she makes Li tap out to the Diamond Chain Lock.

Winner By Submission: Ivy Nile

Apollo Crews vs. Ivar

Apollo Crews tries a headlock takeover but no dice then Ivar runs him down and lands a shot to the gut after missing a clothesline.

Crews slides between the legs and tries the headlock again but Ivar fights that off. Whip to the corner but Crews floats over on a charge.

Crews finally gets the headlock to the mat then once up he tries a roll up but nothing happening. The pace quickens and Crews gets a dropkick that sends Ivar to the floor.

Slingshot Plancha from Crews to the floor.

They fight on the apron and Ivar nearly gets a powerbomb on the apron but Crews slides off.

Valhalla gets involved and that lets Ivar send Crews into the post as we go to a break.

After the break Ivar controlling with a submission hold before a suplex from Ivar gets a two count. Valhalla is squatting on the announce desk which has James cowering.

He tells Valhalla he loves the Minnesota Vikings before Crews starts to rally and gets a Stinger Splash in the corner then comes off the top rope with a crossbody for a two count.

Crews tries to lift Ivar but no go so he just boots him in the face before a standing shooting star press gets a two count. Crews goes up and misses the Frog Splash.

Double underhook powerbomb from Ivar, but Crews is out at two.

Crews catches Ivar and gets a SOS Slam for two then a spin kick from Ivar connects as he blocks a whip to the ropes. Ivar heads up but Crews meets him up there.

Crews stops Doom Sault but gets sent into the post.

Shoulder breaker from Ivar then Doom Sault connects for the win.

Winner: Ivar