WWE Main Event Results – March 28, 2024

WWE Main Event Results – March 28, 2024

Shayna Baszler vs. Katana Chance

Shayna Baszler with a trip and then she piefaces Katana Chance to clown her.

Another go and Baszler with another trip and she laughs as she backs away.

Baszler tries a 3rd trip but Chance jumps to avoid and gets a tale down.

Chance starts using her speed as she avoids Shayna and that frustrates her.

Chance with a spring off the middle ropes over Baszler and pops back with a dropkick.

Baszler has had enough as she lands a kick to the planted arm.

Baszler stomps the elbow and she smiles again then we get a hammerlock into an armbar.

She fights back but get slugged back down as Chance uses her speed to avoid again and snaps off a headscissors.

She kicks away in the corner and gets a running corner clothesline before a flip kick gets a two count. Chance heads up top but Baszler catches her with a foot.

She goes for Kirifuda Clutch but Chance backs her into the corner then they fight up top and Chance gets a top rope rana for a two count.

Kayden Carter & Zoey Stark get into it on the floor while Baszler is wise to Chance as she tries to spring off the middle rope again.

Baszler takes a step back and catches Chance with Kirifuda Clutch & she has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Tag Team Match
Hank Walker & Tank Ledger vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Edris Enofe does some push ups after getting shoved across the ring.

Hank Walker & Tank Ledger get a blind tag which leads to a shoulder block then a senton.

Enofe floats over Ledger and gets a dropkick then a blind tag to Malik Blade and we get a double drop toe holds into a double dropkick for a two count.

Blade off the top rope but Ledger catches him before Blade avoids a slam but Walker gets the tag and mows Blade down before more double team offense gets a two count.

Blade with a roll up for a two count then Ledger eats a dropkick to send him to the floor and Walker gets dumped as well.

Blade clears the top rope with a dive then Enofe comes out with a flip dive over the top to the floor as we go to a break.

After the break Ledger fights back against Enofe & Blade but can’t make the tag as he gets cut off as a neckbreaker gets a two count.

Blade hooks a chinlock but is forced to break as Ledger throws some elbows.

He fights to the corner and makes the tag to Walker & he hits a Thez Press and some right hands. Walker with a splash in the corner and then again in the opposite corner.

He throws Blade face first and gets a slam for two as Enofe comes off the top with an elbow to save. He drags Blade to the corner and makes a tag.

Enofe off the top rope with an elbow but now Ledger makes the save.

Tank hits a spring off the middle ropes to the floor with a splash on Blade before Enofe gets left alone and Walker & Ledger hits Collision Course for the win

Winners: Hank Walker & Tank Ledger