WWE NXT Level Up Results – April 12, 2024

(Image Credit: WWE)

WWE NXT Level Up Results – April 12, 2024

Tavion Heights vs. Uriah Connors

Tavion Heights gets a go behind and takes Uriah Connors to the mat.

He gets a side headlock and moves to a standing side headlock before Connors grabs the hair and throws some strikes, but runs into an elbow in the corner.

Connors counters a kick attempt and gets basically a roll up but instead of a pin he throws Heights throw the ropes and to the floor.

Back in the right Connors unloads with a chop then Connors grinds Heights to the mat and gets a two count. He grabs a nerve hold and delivers a knee to cut off a comeback attempt.

Dropkick gets a two count then to the corner for another chop.

Connors gets up a boot to block a charging Heights then hooks him in a submission in the ropes. Heights escapes and gets an Electric Chair Drop.

Heights starts his rally and hits a twisting belly 2 belly suplex for the win.

Winner: Tavion Heights

Tag Team Match
Blair Davenport & Stevie Turner vs. Carlee Bright & Kendal Gray

Stevie Turner starts with Carlee Bright & Bright gets arm control then a tag to Kendal Grey & she comes off the top rope with a double axe.

Blind tag by Blair Davenport and she gets in a shot from behind.

Grey with a backslide for two then a tag to Bright and she gets a leap frog onto the arm of Davenport. Davenport lands some strikes and makes the tag to Turner.

Bright fights out of the corner and suckers Turner into her corner.

Tandem offense gets a two count then everyone in the ring.

Davenport gets sent to the floor as Grey gets a roll up on Turner for a two count.

Davenport in for the save and she helps turn the tide then we get a backstabber by Turner and a double stomp off the top from Davenport follows.

Running boot from Davenport followed by an elbow for a two count.

Backbreaker gets a two-count! Tag to Turner and we get a double suplex for two.

Grey hits a forearm but she can’t make the tag as Turner cuts her off.

Snapmare gets a one count then a half-crab as some in the crowd chants for Grey to tap.

Grey kicks away but again gets cut off before getting to her corner.

Davenport gets caught with a head scissors and now is the tag to Bright.

She runs wild and screams a lot then a standing moonsault connects as Davenport accidentally gave a boost there.

Standing moonsault catches knees from Davenport before the Falcon Arrow gets the job done.

Winners: Blair Davenport & Stevie Turner

Eddy Thorpe vs. Dion Lennox

Match starts off with a lock up and Dion Lennox gets a wrist lock into an arm ringer.

Thorpe counters into a side headlock as he push off and they collide in the middle of the ring with neither man gaining an advantage.

Lennox runs into an elbow but comes back with a dropkick.

Back to the side headlock and he takes it to the ground.

Thorpe back with a shotgun dropkick followed by a running elbow in the corner.

Back elbow gets a two-count! Abdominal stretch goes on for a bit.

Thorpe sends Lennox into the corner but he fires out with a clothesline to leave both men down. Thorpe misses a chop and Lennox gets a punch.

Atomic drop followed by another clothesline.

Thorpe is bouncing all over the place for Thorpe here.

Thorpe with knees to the ribs but Thorpe lands a shot and gets an Impaler DDT for the win.

Winner: Eddy Thorpe