WWE NXT Level Up Results – March 29, 2024

(Image Credit: WWE)

WWE NXT Level Up Results – March 29, 2024

Tag Team Match
Meta 4 (Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend) vs. Carlee Bright & Kendal Grey

Jakara Jackson gets a side headlock on Carlee Bright and releases to run her down with a shoulder. Bright is able to grab an arm and makes the tag to Kendal Grey.

She comes off the middle rope with a double ax to the arm then back to Bright & she comes off the top rope with a double ax handle.

Kendal back in and she gets a belly 2 belly suplex for a two count then a blind tag to Lash Legend who breaks up a roll up with a pump kick.

Meta 4 double team Grey with a series of splashes in the corner before Jackson with some knees to the ribs but Grey gets a surprise roll up for a two count.

Legend back in and she rag dolls Grey with a bear hug before Grey tries a sunset flip but Legend powers out and catches Grey coming off the middle rope with a backbreaker.

Legend misses an elbow, so she tag Jackson & she tries to cut off Grey but the tag is made to Bright. She runs wild and gets a headscissors on Jackson.

Standing moonsault gets a two count before a small package for a two count.

Double Team offense as Grey comes off Bright’s shoulders with a splash for two.

Both teams in the ring and Bright gets knocked out of the ring by Legend with a forearm before Alley Oop gets the win for Meta 4.

Winners: Meta 4

Je Von Evans vs. Scrypts

Je Von Evans & Scrypts lock up to get this match started and Scrypts backs Evans into the ropes.

Scrypts misses a clothesline and they each get to show off their athleticism with roll ups and pin attempts & it’s a stalemate.

Scrypts pulls the hair and buries some knees to the ribs. Evans gets a double leg and gets some ground and pound.

Scrypts misses wildly with a clothesline and Scrypts bounces off the top head into a headscissors for a two count.

Scrypts uses the ropes to force Evans back and then catches him with a strike.

Spinning Kick from Scrypts in the corner and he comes off the top with a moonsault press for two. Scrypts throws down some elbows and hooks chinlock.

Scrypts kicks him in the face then more elbows and back to the chinlock. Scrypts with some chops but gets caught with a Superman Punch.

A kick from Evans connects as he bounced off the ropes before hitting it.

Evans off the top rope with a crossbody and he goes up again but misses a twisting splash as one of Scrypts heavies pulls him out of the way.

Scrypts gets caught with a small package though and Evans gets another Small Package for the win.

Winner: Je Von Evans

Tag Team Match
Hank Walker & Tank Ledger vs. Tyriek Igwe & Tyson Dupont

Tank Ledger starts this match with Tyriek Igwe and they hit each other hard to start.

Hank Walker gets a blind tag but I guess not as Igwe caught it out of the corner of his eye and is ready. He sends Ledger to the floor and Walker gets the worst of a double team.

Splash from Dupont then Ledger comes in only to get mowed down. Double chokeslam on Tank and one for Hank as well. That meatloaf has Dupont & Igwe firing on all cylinders.

Ledger catches Igwe with a slam and makes the tag to Walker & he gets a running splash in the corner and then a running boot for a two count.

Front face lock from Walker followed by some knees to the gut then a another splash in the corner and we get a Walker & Ledger sandwich as they crush Igwe.

Ledger gets a chinlock as he tries to elbow out but gets clubbed down. He pushes for his corner but Ledger cuts him off. Igwe gets a backdrop and makes the desperation tag.

Dupont runs wild and gets a dropkick followed by a splash in the corner then a flying uppercut before a Discus Punch gets a two count.

Ledger gets the boots up to block a charge as Walker comes off the top rope but misses but no matter as they still hit The Pass Off.

Igwe makes the save and Ledger eats a chokeslam before some double team move from TNT.

Igwe & Ledger brawl on the floor while Walker gets a roll up for a two count.

Walker & Igwe end up punching each other out but Walker falls forward and lands on Igwe for the win.

Winners: Hank Walker & Tank Ledger