WWE NXT Review – July 4, 2023

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WWE NXT Review – July 4, 2023

Blair Davenport vs. Roxanne Perez

Roxanne Perez blindsides Blair Davenport on the ramp then she sends her into the barricade face first then sends her crashing into the ring apron then tosses her into the ring and the bell sounds. Perez rains down right hands before Davenport rolls to the outside.

Perez goes flying and levels her then rains down more right hands and gets her back in the ring. Perez delivers a Russian leg sweep and looks for a kick on Davenport’s midsection but Davenport catches her and plants her with a clothesline.

Perez lands a dropkick and an uppercut but Davenport fires back with a right hand and sends Perez face first into the top rope then sends her face first into the top turnbuckle. Perez delivers a kick and ascends to the middle rope but Davenport pushes her off to the outside and delivers a double stomp off the apron then sends her spine first into the ring apron as we go to a break.

After the break Perez delivers a forearm to Davenport’s jaw before Davenport plants her with a back suplex then sits her on the top turnbuckle and delivers an enziguri to her spine. She then plants her before they go back & forth with forearms.

Davenport eventually gains the upper hand and sends Perez crashing to the mat with one but Perez fires back with a boot to her midsection and follows it up with a crossbody off the middle rope.

She clotheslines Davenport out of the ring then delivers a running uppercut. Davenport sends Perez crashing into the ring steps then delivers a knee to the side of her face and rolls into the ring as the referee begins a 10 count but Perez beats it by getting in at 9.

Davenport delivers a Falcon Arrow and goes for a pin but Perez kicks out then Davenport lands back 2 back Kamigoye for the win.

Winner: Blair Davenport

Ivy Nile was interviewed backstage but was interrupted by Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton & she was talking trash to Nile.

There was a video package of Baron Corbin & saying that from now on it was No more bullshit from him.

Mustafa Ali vs. Tyler Bate 

Match starts off with a lock up then they go back & forth with submission holds & pinfall attempts before Mustafa Ali delivers a shoulder tackle and mocks Tyler Bate by hitting his signature pose. Bate sweeps Ali’s legs out from under him but Ali locks in a Crossface. Bate escapes and cinches in an Ankle Lock but Ali escapes.

He shoves Bate into the corner and executes a pair of chops then Bate lands a dropkick and a running back elbow then delivers an elbow off the middle turnbuckle and clotheslines Ali to the outside then delivers a running uppercut as we go to a break.

After the break Bate fires off uppercuts on Ali and delivers a back body drop. Ali lands an enziguri and a boot to his midsection then follows it up with a DDT then he delivers a superkick and transitions into a Crossface but Bate escapes and executes the airplane spin. but Ali counters it into a DDT and goes for a pin but Bate kicks out.

Bate dumps Ali out of the ring then goes flying over the top rope and levels him. He gets him back in the ring but Ali delivers a kick to his face before he can join him in there and follows it up with a tope suicida.

The action returns to inside the ring where Bate delivers a clothesline then he follows it up with a pair of bodyslams and ascends to the top then looks for a Spiral Tap but Ali rolls out of the way and climbs up to the top rope but Bate joins him but Ali pushes him off and nails 450 Splash for the win.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

After the match Ali makes his way to the back he challenges North American Champion Wes Lee to a match at The Great American Bash for the North American Title.

We go backstage where McKenzie Mitchell is with The Schism’s Ava Raine & Joe Gacy & Gacy guaranteed that the right team would win and that the problem from NXT Would leave forever.

Kelani Jordan vs. Tatum Paxley

Match starts off with Kelani Jordan & Tatum Paxley go back & forth with submission holds. Jordan lands a dropkick and an arm drag then delivers another dropkick and another arm drag. Paxley delivers a backbreaker and an elbow before she hits a Stunner to get the victory.

Winner: Kelani Jordan

After the match Cora Jade heads out to the ring and says Jordan must be doing something right with Dana Brooke in her corner. She says a friend of Brooke’s is an enemy of hers and rags on the fans. Jordan says she has another match left in her tonight but Jade tells her not to tell her what to do and retreats to the back.

We then head over to a video of Chase U. Class is in session and they give Andre Chase a warm welcome. Chase thanks them and gives shout outs to Duke Hudson for stepping up during his absence and Thea Hail for her effort in her Women’s Title match last week. He says he had enough of Charlie Dempsey & Drew Gulak toying around with Hail and his school before rallying up his students.

NXT Underground Match
Eddy Thorpe vs. Damon Kemp

Eddy Thorpe delivers a kick to Damon Kemp’s thigh then Kemp rains down right hands and plants Thorpe then rains down more right hands and locks in a sleeper but Thorpe escapes and the action spills to the outside.

Kemp fires off more right hands and sends Thorpe crashing into the barricade then tosses him over top of it. Thorpe looks to lock in a submission but Kemp manages to counter it and powerbombs Thorpe on the apron spine first.

Kemp drags Thorpe back in the ring and delivers a German suplex. Thorpe fires back with a kick to his midsection but Kemp transitions into a sleeper but Thorpe escapes once more and delivers a boot to Kemp’s face then executes a German suplex. Kemp lands a forearm but Thorpe responds with a knee.

Kemp delivers a German suplex to Thorpe onto the floor but Thorpe sends him crashing into the ring post and follows it up with a German suplex then he gets Kemp back in the ring and locks in a Triangle and rains down elbows as Kemp begins to fade and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner By TKO: Eddy Thorpe

After the match someone touches Steveson’s Olympic Gold Medal. Steveson nails him with a German suplex then 3 other individuals try to interfere but Steveson levels them all with suplexes of their own.

We then head to a video from NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams & they invite Judgment Day to NXT.

Stacks spoke with Tony D’Angelo & he tells him that he made a deal with Joe Coffey. Stacks said that he & Coffey agreed to a match saying that if Stacks won the charges would be dropped against D’Angelo. D’Angelo reacted to the news by breaking the phone.

Lyra Valkyria vs. Jacy Jayne

Jacy Jayne fires off right hands on Lyra Valkyria’s midsection then Valkyria fires back with an arm drag then follows it up with a shoulder tackle then they go back & forth with submission holds before the action spills to the outside and Jayne sends Valkyria into the ring apron face first as we go to a break.

After the break Jayne has a Boston Crab lock in but Valkyria escapes and Jayne delivers a superkick then looks for a cannonball. Valkyria ducks out of the way and delivers a pair of clotheslines then fires off a couple of kicks and a boot to her spine.

She lands a forearm and a leg drop from the apron before Jayne rolls to the outside and Valkyria delivers a kick through the middle rope then she tosses Jayne back in the ring and ascends to the top rope.

She goes flying but Jayne moves out of the way and delivers a senton then Valkyria fires back with a spinning back heel kick for the win.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria

After the match Jayne fires off right hands on Valkyria and tears up her signature wings before throwing them on top of her.

Noam Dar was crying to a picture of the Heritage Cup Title before the rest of The Meta 4 pulls him out of the room.

We then head to a video of Kiana James entering her office only to find that Gigi Dolin has given it a makeover.

Back at ringside Von Wagner tosses Javier Bernal into the ring steps then sends him crashing into the barricade and looks to powerbomb him through the table but Mr. Stone prevents him from doing so. Wagner chooses not to listen and clears off the announce table then powerbombs Bernal through it.

There was a video vignette of Lucien Prince & Bronco Nima ahead of their NXT debut soon. They will debut next week.

Losers Leaves NXT Match
The Dyad (Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler) vs. Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus)

The Dyad wastes no time and go straight after Creed Brothers as they dump Julius Creed out of the ring before double teaming on Brutus Creed. Brutus shoves Rip Fowler into the corner and fires off shoulders on his midsection as Julius uses Brutus as a launchpad to deliver a superplex to Jagger Reid. Brutus dumps Fowler out of the ring and lands a Brutus Ball.

Match officially starts with Julius ascends to the top rope & delivers a Shooting Star Press and goes for a pin but Joe Gacy drags Reid out of the ring but the referee catches him and ejects him from ringside as we go to a break.

After the break Fowler is wearing down Brutus with a submission hold. Fowler stomps on Brutus’ arm then delivers a clothesline. Brutus responds with a suplex and tags in Julius as Fowler tags in Reid.

Julius delivers a belly 2 belly suplex to Fowler then hits Reid with one and clotheslines both men on the apron then he nails them with a dropkick and dumps Fowler back inside the ring.

Fowler rolls up Julius but Julius kicks out and delivers a knee. Brutus tags in and Creed Brothers deliver a double team maneuver to Fowler. Reid tags in and plants Julius with some help from Fowler then he goes for a pin but Julius kicks out and lands a powerbomb as we go to a another break.

After the 2nd break Fowler delivers a forearm to Julius before he locks in a knee submission but Julius fights his way out and tags in Brutus. Brutus nails Brutus Smash then plants Fowler and delivers a 450 Splash off the top rope. He cinches in an Ankle Lock but Fowler fights his way out and delivers a Codebreaker off the middle rope.

Reid & Julius tag in. Fowler gets Brutus in an electric chair position on the outside and Reid levels him with a tope suicida. A fired up Julius dares The Dyad to get back in the ring and they do. He beats down both of them and delivers a Shooting Star Press off the top rope to take them both down.

Ava tries to interfere but Nile levels her before a masked person runs down and delivers a headbutt to Julius while the referee is looking away allowing Fowler to tag in and The Dyad to hit double Codebreakers for the win.

Winners: The Dyad (Since Creed Brothers lost they must leave NXT)

After the break we head backstage to Finn Balor & he accepts Carmelo Hayes’ & Trick Williams’ invitation to NXT next week.

Breakker says he competed against Seth Rollins 2 weeks ago for the World Heavyweight Title and no one believed he could actually win until he speared Rollins. He says while Rollins proved how good he was, he was so close to winning the World Heavyweight Title after 78 matches. He says Rollins has more Premium Live Event matches alone than he has overall and didn’t get the luxury of traveling the world and honing his craft. Breakker says he has proven he can hang with the best at 25 years old and says he has a lot more people to beat and many more titles to win. He looks to address his future but before he can Ilja Dragunov’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring.

Dragunov tells Breakker he is his next issue and says he came out to confront him like a man. He says Breakker is standing between himself and the NXT Title and he is here to eliminate him. Dragunov then catches him with a kick and they begin brawling. Officials and members of the locker room run down and try to separate both men but are unsuccessful. They finally pull both men apart from one another and drag them backstage to close out this week’s NXT.

Matches Of The Night

Mustafa Ali vs. Tyler Bate- 7/10

Losers Leaves NXT Match- 7/10

Next Week’s NXT

Cora Jade vs. Kelani Jordan

Non Title Match
Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton vs. Ivy Nile

Tag Team Match
Chase U (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson) vs. Drew Gulak & Charlie Dempsey

Freedom Or Trial Match
Stacks vs. Joe Coffey (If Stacks wins Charges against Tony D’Angelo are dropped if Coffey wins D’Angelo must go to Trial)

Tag Team Match
Bronco Nima & Lucien Price vs. TBD