WWE NXT Review – March 26, 2024

WWE NXT Review – March 26, 2024

Shawn Spears vs. Dijak

Match starts off with a lock up before Dijak clotheslines Shawn Spears outside of the ring but Spears flies over the top to level him.

Dijak follows suit then dumps Spears back inside the ring and lands a right hand on him.

Dijak lands a back elbow on Spears then follows it up with a backbreaker.

Spears responds with a swinging neckbreaker and a chop in the corner before Dijak ascends to the top rope.

Spears catches him with a German suplex and dropkicks Dijak out of the ring.

Joe Gacy emerges from under the ring to steal a chair next to the ring steps then crawls back underneath.

Dijak dumps Spears back in the ring but Spears connects with a jumping codebreaker as we go to a break.

After the break Spears hits a clothesline off the middle rope to Dijak then they go back & forth with strikes before Dijak lands a springboard clothesline and fires off chops.

Dijak then sends Spears crashing into the mat but Spears rolls Dijak up but Dijak kicks out and Spears hits a superkick.

Dijak responds with a boot of his own but Spears sets up for C4.

Dijak looks to land an elbow drop off the top rope but Spears moves out of the way.

He looks to grab his chair from between the ring steps but realizes it’s gone with Gacy having stolen it.

This opens the door for Dijak to hit High Justice follow by Feast Your Eyes for the win.

Winner: Dijak

After the match Gacy stands on top of the announce desk with the chair celebrating.

Roxanne Perez watched a vignette from last year in disgust while cutting up pictures of herself saying she would be her own hero. Perez said that she did not have any feelings towards Lyra Valkyria as she was someone holding her Women’s Title before stating that she would get the Women’s Title back.

Meta 4, Andre Chase, Edris Enofe, Brinley Reece, Malik Blade, Hank Walker & Tank Ledger were all in line for the casting call for the host of Stand & Deliver.

Thea Hail vs. Jazmyn Nyx

Thea Hail wastes no time as she lands a pair of back elbows and a suplex but Jazmyn Nyx rolls her up after Jacy Jayne distracts the referee.

Nyx fires off stomps on Hail in the corner then lands an elbow.

Hail responds with a swinging neckbreaker but Nyx lands a kick on Hail’s head.

Jayne steals a red towel from Andre Chase while Nyx has Hail locked in a submission and tosses it in the ring but Riley Osborne slides inside and catches it.

The referee then ejects Chase U from ringside and Hail counters Nyx’s hold into a pinfall.

Nyx kicks out and Hail lands a jawbreaker but Jayne slaps her.

Nyx looks to take advantage but Hail counters into Kimura Lock & Nyx taps out.

Winner By Submission: Thea Hail

After the match Jayne attacks Hail before Hail gains the upper hand but Kiana James & Izzi Dame run down to the ring to join Jayne. Fallon Henley & Kelani Jordan then run down to even the odds.

We then head over to the 1st part of a Prime Target video of Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams in which they both reflect on their friendship and issues as well as appearances from other stars including the likes of Randy Orton, CM Punk & Booker T.

Alpha Academy were preparing backstage ahead of Otis & Akira Tozawa facing the Wolf Dogs in the main event.

After the break Lola Vice makes her way down to the ring. Natalya follows to answer the challenge of her open challenge telling Vice on her way down to the ring that someone needs to put her in place because she sees something in her.

Natalya vs. Lola Vice

Lola Vice wastes no time and goes straight after Natalya by firing off a few forearms.

Natalya sends Vice into the adjacent top turnbuckles face first.

Vice rolls out of the ring but Natalya follows her out and dumps her back in the ring.

Vice slides out the other side but Natalya catches up to her and sends her face bouncing off the ring apron.

Vice fires off right and left hands on Natalya’s midsection as we go to a break.

After the break Natalya lands a boot on Vice’s face and follows it up with a back elbow.

She follows it up with a low dropkick and looks to lock in a Sharpshooter but Vice counters into an Ankle Lock.

Natalya rolls over to the bottom rope to break the hold and Vice rolls Natalya up & Natalya kicks out and Vice locks in a Triangle.

Karmen Petrovic marches down to the ring to cheer Natalya on as Vice hits a hip attack to Natalya in the corner.

Natalya responds with a Discus Lariat before she locks in a submission.

Vice escapes by countering into a pin but Natalya kicks out.

Vice lands a kick but Natalya manages to roll up Vice for the win.

Winner: Natalya

Shawn Spears was interviewed in the Parking Lot where he promised that he had his eyes on Joe Gacy after he stole his chair. Gacy then proceeded to toss the chair off the roof of the Performance Center to the ground as North American Champion Oba Femi appeared and was bamboozled by all of this.

After the break there was a vignette for Sol Ruca where she promised to get her revenge on Blair Davenport.

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Blair Davenport backstage where Davenport compared Ruca to sand for being annoying & disgusting. Davenport promised to send Sol Ruca back on the road to recovery.

Non Title Match
NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov vs. Stacks

Ilja Dragunov looks to land a boot right out of the gate but Stacks catches it and lands a strike before he hits a dropkick and a pair of right hands on Dragunov in the corner.

Dragunov lands 3 chops on Stacks but Stacks catches Dragunov with an uppercut.

Dragunov then hits a powerbomb out of the corner but Stacks stomps on Dragunov’s finger.

Dragunov then lands a chop but Stacks hits a tornado DDT out of the corner and continues wearing down Dragunov’s finger.

Stacks lands several forearms on Dragunov’s hand then hits a knee to it.

Dragunov responds with a jumping knee strike on Stacks and follows it up with a German suplex then connects with a powerbomb and Torpedo Moskau for the win.

Winner: NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov

Tony D’Angelo told Luca Crusifino to invite Ilja Dragunov to a special restaurant, which bamboozled Crusifino.

Part 2 of Prime Target was aired which focused on Williams visiting his family and training all over Philadelphia. Trick Williams ended Part 2 by saying he was coming for Carmelo Hayes.

After the break NXT Tag Team Champions The Wolf Dogs were talking strategy before The Good Brothers interrupted them and told The Wolf Dogs they were coming for the NXT Tag Team Titles.

Ridge Holland says it’s extremely hard for him to come out to the ring and say what he’s about to. He says he knew this day would come but he didn’t think it would come so soon. He thanks the NXT crew and talent then says he always told himself that he would have to have difficult conversations if he hesitated. He says that he knows the perception around him and says he sees all the comments. He says he’s tired of taking his work home with him and says he’s tired of his job taking away from the things he finds most valuable in life as a father and a husband.

Holland says he’s had 2 difficult conversations with his loved ones and with himself in a mirror. He says rugby and wrestling require both physical and mental resilience but he’s been lacking in both of those departments. He says he’s made a decision in the best interest of himself and his family then says he’s officially stepping away from in ring competition indefinitely. He says as difficult of a choice as it has been, he’s lucky to have had the opportunity to step foot in WWE and perform in front of millions of people. He thanks NXT once again for allowing him to come back and have one last shot at redemption.

Holland lays down his mic in the ring as fans in attendance thank him then makes his way to the back.

There was a video vignette of Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria talking about her road as Women’s Champion and told Roxanne Perez that the title deserved more than her. Valkyria said that Perez let the title break her and promised to keep the title by any means necessary and do everything to keep the title away from her.

Duke Hudson vs. Josh Briggs

Match starts off with a lock up before Josh Briggs lands a chop then follows it up with an elbow and sends Duke Hudson’s face into the top turnbuckle face first.

He hits another back elbow but Hudson plants Briggs and hits a hurricanrana.

He sends Briggs crashing into the middle rope then lands a sidewalk slam.

He hits a shoulder on Briggs’ midsection then hits a German suplex.

Briggs then sends Hudson crashing into the ring steps spine first as we go to a break.

After the break Briggs lands a standing splash on Hudson and sits him on the top rope & looks to join him but Hudson fights him off and stands up.

Briggs trips Hudson and hits a superplex before Hudson lands a pair of clotheslines and a boot on Briggs.

He follows it up with the Chase U right hands then connects with an elbow and a running senton.

Hudson plants Briggs but Briggs hits a back suplex and climbs to the top rope.

Briggs pulls him off with a powerbomb then follows it up with a clothesline for the win.

Winner: Josh Briggs

After the match Dijak hops up on the apron as Oba Femi appears. Femi says Briggs & Dijak both picked up monumental victories tonight and he can now say he has 2 worthy opponents who are looking to climb the mountain. He says that he is the mountain then announces that Briggs & Dijak will challenge him for the North American Title match at Stand & Deliver. He tells Briggs & Dijak that neither of them will be able to reach the summit on April 6th.

Part 3 of Prime Target focused on Trick Williams making his NXT return as CM Punk said that if you go to war, you need to dig 2 graves for yourself and your opponent. Cody Rhodes, Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano were featured in the video. Hayes said that he was the one who brought Williams to NXT and that he would be the one to take him out.

We then head over to the production truck and see Meta 4 inside taking things over & they announces that they will be the hosts of Stand & Deliver.

Non Title Match
NXT Tag Team Champions The Wolf Dogs (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin) vs. Alpha Academy (Akira Tozawa & Otis)

If Alpha Academy wins they get added to the NXT Tag Team Title match at Stand & Deliver.

Baron Corbin whips Akira Tozawa into the corner before Tozawa responds with a hurricanrana and a dropkick before Bron Breakker & Otis tag in.

Otis runs Breakker over with shoulder tackle and Tozawa hits an enzuigiri to Corbin from the apron. Otis follows it up with a splash and Tozawa delivers an enzuigiri of his own.

He then lands a senton and ascends to the top rope.

He hits a dropkick that sends Corbin crashing out of the ring where Breakker is.

Otis then dumps Tozawa over the top rope on top of The Wolf Dogs to take them out as we go to a break.

After the break Breakker tags in and delivers a right hand to Tozawa’s midsection.

He follows it up with a shoulder tackle before Corbin tags in and Breakker tosses Tozawa over to him.

Corbin plants Tozawa with a slam then connects with a knee to his midsection and levels him. Breakker tags back in and Corbin plants him with a Sliced Bread.

Breakker follows suit and goes for a pin but Otis kicks out.

Breakker charges at Tozawa in the corner but Tozawa moves out of the way and Breakker is sent crashing into the ring post shoulder first.

Tozawa follows it up with an enzuigiri and tags in Otis as Breakker tags in Corbin.

Otis delivers a splash in the corner to Breakker then hits a double back body drop to The Wolf Dogs. He then hits The Caterpillar to Corbin.

Breakker tags back in and Otis lands a slam on him then he goes for a pin but Corbin breaks the fall. Tozawa levels Corbin then tags in Otis.

Otis gets Breakker in an electric chair position and Tozawa flies off the top rope.

Breakker reverses into a powerslam mid air then low bridges Otis onto the apron.

Corbin tags in and powerbombs Otis through the announce table with Breakker.

Corbin gets back in the ring and makes the blind tag out to Breakker.

Tozawa looks for a hurricanrana on Corbin but Corbin catches him and plants him with a powerbomb. Breakker then hits a Spear to Tozawa for the win.

Winners: NXT Tag Team Champions The Wolf Dogs (Since Alpha Academy lost they don’t get a NXT Tag Team Title match)

After the match Axiom & Nathan Frazer, Good Brothers & LWO all appear at ringside before all 4 teams brawl to close out this week’s NXT.

Next Week’s NXT

Finals Of The NXT Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Tournament
Latino World Order (Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde) vs. Nathan Frazer & Axiom vs. Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

Sol Ruca vs. Blair Davenport

Updated Stand & Deliver Card (April 6th)

NXT Title Match
Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Tony D’Angelo

NXT Tag Team Titles Match
The Wolf Dogs (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin) (c) vs. TBD

Trick Williams vs. Carmelo Hayes

Women’s Title Match
Lyra Valkyria (c) vs. Roxanne Perez

North American Title Triple Threat Match
Oba Femi (c) vs. Josh Briggs vs. Dijak