WWE On-Air Talent Megan Morant Donating Her Kidney

(Photo Credit: Megan Morant Instagram)

Megan Morant, a WWE on-air personality, is donating one of her kidneys today.

Morant took to Instagram to announce that she will be donating a kidney in advance to Margrette Mondillo, the wife of David Mondillo, whom she worked for while both were with the NFL’s New England Patriots.

Despite the fact that Morant and Mondillo are not blood type matches, they can participate in the National Kidney Registry’s joint donor program. This allows Mondillo to receive a kidney and save her life, while Morant donates her kidney in advance. Morant explained on Instagram Stories that once she recovers from surgery, Mondillo will be added to the National Kidney Registry and “one step closer to a second chance at life.”

Morant stated in the Instagram post below that this is “truly the honor of my life,” and she commented in her Instagram Stories that today is the biggest day of her life. She wrote in another Story post last night, “Tonight there are 4 strangers out there going to bed with so much hope because they are going to get a second chance at life all because one donation started a chain reaction. LETS DO THIS!”

You can read Morant’s full Instagram post below:

I’m still not really sure where to start with this post, but here’s my best try:

Tomorrow [today] I am donating my kidney.

I’m sure you have lots of questions so here goes nothing: You see, back in November I learned that my friend @mstevenk needed a kidney. After chatting with him about kidney transplants at work, I was intrigued. I rushed home and spent the entire weekend reading kidney.org before telling Kirsh that I would gladly test for him. A few blood tests later, and I got a call that Kirsh and I were not a match.

Instantly, I felt very sad. I wanted to help, but couldn’t. So I made a promise to myself: if the opportunity to donate a kidney ever comes up again in my life, I’ll do it.

About a week later, on a group chat with my old work pals at the @patriots I learned that my previous boss’ wife was in kidney failure. It all felt meant to be. After 5 months of testing, and a few more months of waiting, the day has finally come. While Margrette and I also are not a blood type match, through the National Kidney Registry’s joint donor program, I will advance donate tomorrow and in return, Margrette will get a kidney to save her life.

Throughout this whole process, Margrette has been an absolute rockstar. She remains extremely positive through her daily dialysis and continues to work in the nonprofit space to make life better for others all while enduring the pain and discomfort that is kidney failure. I feel so blessed to be in a position to help Margrette and her family. It’s truly the honor of my life, and it reminds me why we are all here: to help and be there for each other [heart hands emoji] [face holding back tears emoji] While I’ve had my strong/brave girl face on this entire process, I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous, so If you’re a person that prays, please keep us in your prayers tomorrow [today]. [folded hands emoji] [heart emoji] I ’ll see you all on the other side! We’ve got our green nails on and we are ready to go! #DonateLife #kidneydonor #kidney