WWE RAW Results – December 2, 2019

WWE RAW Results – December 2, 2019

A van arrives at the arena and Charly Caruso is there to see who will emerge and it is Akam and Rezar. She asks them why did they attack Kevin Owens last week. Akam and Rezar speak in their native language and Charly asks for a translation. They say that Charly looks lovely tonight and they walk away.

We are in Nashville, Tennessee and your announcers are Vic Joseph, Jerry Lawler, and Samoa Joe.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring and he is adorning a leather jacket instead of his suit jacket from last week.

Seth says last week, he brought out the entire Raw roster to discuss their performance at Survivor Series. He said we all sucked. That was a little too harsh, but he says it was coming from a really good place, his heart. This is not just his job, it is his life. The people in the locker room are not just his colleagues, they are his brothers and sisters, they are his family. It is about struggling and fighting together. Seth says he feels it is his job to motivate the locker room to do their best. Seth says he may have gone overboard and he would like to apologize.

Seth says he would like to apologize to the fans. He wants to apologize to the locker room and especially to Kevin Owens. Seth says he knows Kevin is back there and he wants Kevin to come out so he can apologize to him face to face and man to man.

Kevin Owens’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring and Kevin is dressed to fight.

Kevin asks if the people can smell that. It smells like when the rodeo comes to Nashville. Kevin says it is hitting him hard because of what Seth said. Kevin asks if the two closest members of that family are AOP.

Seth says he had nothing to do with that.

Kevin tells Seth he knows Seth is lying because his lips are moving. That smell is bullsh*t.

The music for the Authors of Pain plays and they make their way to the stage. Akam speaks in his native language and so does Rezar. Rezar suggests the two of them versus the two of you . . . here . . . tonight.

Seth says he is up for it if Kevin is in.

Kevin says the way he sees it, one of three things can happen and all of them end with the three of you beating the crap out of him. Kevin wants it to happen now.

Seth says he tried and you do you and he will do him. Seth tells Kevin he is on his own.

Seth goes up the ramp and the Authors of Pain part like the Red Sea.

Kevin says Seth is not here and he would love to get a piece of the two of you. Kevin says they can come down one at a time and he is ready for them.

Akam and Rezar go to the back.

Kevin says it won’t be Seth, it won’t be AOP. Kevin says he is in the middle of this ring and he is ready to go so he wants to give Nashville a fight.

Bobby Lashley and Lana walk in the back and they are walking.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lana makes her way to the stage. She says she doesn’t want to make it all about her, but it is all about her.

Kevin Owens tells Lana NO ONE CARES. Lana says she is not done talking and Kevin says he does not care. Kevin says he is vomiting in his mouth.

Lana tells Kevin Owens when she is done talking. Kevin wants to know what Lana will say that will make everyone’s lives better. Lana says Rusev Day will not be happening tonight. Lana says she had to file another restraining order against Rusev. Lana says Rusev is a danger to society and if he shows up, Rusev will go to jail for a long time.

Kevin says he has never met anyone who has said so much and means nothing. You may think you are beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, you are repulsive.

Lana calls Kevin a basic candy and pizza eater. Lana says her man will come out and finish you.

Kevin tells Lana to get to it.

Match Number One: Kevin Owens versus Bobby Lashley (with Lana and her police detail)

They lock up and Owens with a chop and forearms. Lashley pushes Owens back and Owens with forearms. Lashley with shoulder tackles. Lashley with an Irish whip but Owens with a boot. Lashley with a spinebuster. Lashley sends Owens to the floor. Owens knocks Lashley off the apron and then hits a splash off the apron onto Lashley as we go to commercial

We are back and Owens with a cannonball for a near fall. Owens misses a moonsault when Lashley moves. Lashley with a clothesline. Lashley with punches and kicks. Lashley with a shoulder in the corner followed by punches. Owens with a super kick. Lashley escapes the stunner and hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Lashley gets Owens up for the Dominator and gets a near fall. Owens with elbows to Lashley and a pop up power bomb and both men are down.

Akam and Rezar make their way to the ring and Owens tries to fight them off but Akam and Rezar go after Owens and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Kevin Owens (by disqualification)

After the match, Akam and Rezar continue the attack on Owens. Owens is sent into the ringside barrier. Akam and Rezar drag Owens to the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Charly Caruso asks Bobby Lashley about AOP’s attack. Bobby says he did not know about the attack and he was about to beat Kevin again. All he cares about is that Lana is okay. Lana says she hates how people are booing them and they had to hire detectives.

Rusev comes through the crowd and hits a Machka Kick. Rusev punches Lashley and security moves at a Mach Orton and Rusev is able to escape and get to the floor.

Lashley yells at security and he tells them they had one job. One of the security members says that he is a WWE fan and in Tennessee we do things differently. Lashley is cuffed and arrested. Lana slaps one of the members of security and it looks like Lana will be getting a cell of her own as well.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment showing that you really need to vet your security detail before hiring them.

Lana is still talking during the commercial break blaming everyone for what happened.

We see The Street Profits and R Truth watching Lashley and Lana being taken away.

Match Number Two: Drew McIntyre versus Akira Tozawa

They go face to face and then Tozawa with a waist lock but Drew with a waist lock take down. Drew goes to his knees and he tells Tozawa to leave now or he will beat his ass. Tozawa starts to leave the ring and then he drop kicks Drew. Drew is sent to the floor and Tozawa with a suicide dive head butt. Drew sends Tozawa to the floor and then Drew picks up Tozawa and hits a reverse Alabama Slam onto the floor. Drew presses Tozawa through the ropes and back into the ring. Drew with a rear chin lock with his knee in Tozawa’s back. Drew wtih a chop.

Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and Tozawa has trouble getting back to his feet. Drew with an arm bar and chin lock. Drew with an Irish whip but Tozawa drop kicks Drew into the turnbuckles. Tozawa is sent to the apron and Tozawa with an enzuigiri and missile drop kick. Drew gets Tozawa on his shoulders and Tozawa goes for a reverse rana but Drew blocks it. Tozawa with a Victory Roll for a near fall. Drew with a Claymore for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, Drew McIntyre tells Nashville that was fun. The problem with people today is if someone has a problem, they go to social media. Drew says people in the back are cryptic about their problems and they are cowards. Drew says he is direct. He tells Randy Orton he has a problem with him. Drew tells Randy to come to the ring so we can deal with it.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Drew McIntyre is still in the ring and he is still calling out Randy Orton. Drew says Randy must have forgotten he has a problem with him. We see the footage from last week.

Drew says he can describe what he saw there in three words. STUPID STUPID STUPID. Drew tells Randy to get his ass out here.

Randy Orton’s music plays and Randy makes his way to the ring.

Drew asks Randy if his chest still hurts and if the second chop drowned the voices in his head.

Randy asks Drew if that is the problem he has with him.

Drew tells Randy not to turn his back on him and not to disrespect him again. You walk around here like you own the place and you don’t show any respect for the rules. You are Randy Orton, you are the thirteen time world champion, a future hall of famer. Does that give you the right to speak to him like he is a child. You were the most ferocious man in the WWE, but in 2019, you are only the most ferocious at posting on social media.

Drew says he is bigger and stronger than Randy Orton. He is the most ferocious man in WWE and he will make it so simple that you and the people of Nashville can understand. Drew says Randy is the past and Drew is the future. Drew tells Randy to deal with it.

Randy says there isn’t a Drew McIntyre/Randy Orton problem. There is a Drew Mcintyre/Reality problem. Randy says he does what he wants when he wants because he has earned the right. Randy says Drew hasn’t earned a damn thing. Randy says they are good, but if you think we have a problem, let’s solve it right now.

Drew says it is far from over.

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson make their way to the stage.

AJ says Randy’s name and then he cannot say anything else. Luke says Drew is spinning his wheels because Randy Orton is an unapologetic jerk who ruins lives. Karl says Randy ruined Uncle Allen’s life. You are the reason AJ does not have the title.

AJ says it would be better if he got his hands on Randy Orton. He does not care what type of match it is, but he wants his hands on Randy Orton tonight.

Drew says this doesn’t seem like a Drew McIntyre problem so he will let this Randy Orton/OC problem work itself out.

AJ, Luke, and Karl surround the ring and get on the apron.

Orton goes after AJ but Galows and Anderson work over Orton. Styles with a clip to Orton.

Ricochet makes his way to the ring and Anderson, Styles, and Gallows attack Ricochet. Humberto Carrillo makes his way to the ring and he is worked over.

Rey Mysterio sends AJ to the floor and Ricochet kicks Anderson off the apron. Gallows is also sent to the floor.

We go to commercial.

Randy Orton is in the back with Humberto Carrillo, Rey Mysterio, and Ricochet. Randy says he appreciates the assistance, but he didn’t need it. Randy walks away.

Match Number Three: Tony Nese versus Aleister Black

They lock up and Nese with a waist lock and Black with a wrist lock. Nese with a reversal. Black with an arm drag and side head lock take down. Nese with a rollup and he misses a drop kick.

We see Buddy Murphy watching in the back.

Black with a leg sweep to Nese followed by a springboard back into the ring and Black sits down in the ring. Nese gets back into the ring and Nese wants Black to get up. Nese misses a kick and Black with kicks. Nese with a shot to the throat and punches. Nese with a rake of the eyes. Nese with chops and punches. Nese goes for the pump handle slam but Black with an elbow. Nese goes over the top rope and he drops Black on the top rope. Nese goes for a double jump moonsault but misses. Black with knees and kicks followed by a back elbow and kick followed by a jumping knee.

Black picks Nese up using his boot and Black with Black Mass for the three count.

Winner: Aleister Black

Charly Caruso asks Buddy Murphy if he regrets knocking on Aleister’s door. Buddy thinks about it and he says he is still feeling the effect of what happened last week. He knocked on Aleister’s door to expose him as a person who takes himself too seriously. Buddy says he is cool, calm, and collected. He calls Black a hot head. Buddy tells Aleister he needs to calm down. If you don’t want to calm down, he will be the one to calm you down.

Match Number Four: Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega) versus Eric Young

They lock up and Andrade with a waist lock and Young with a wrist lock. Andrade with a reversal and wrist lock. Young with a reversal. Andrade with a punch and wrist lock. Young with a reversal. Andrade with a kick and chops followed by a knee. Andrade with an Irish whip and running knee into the corner. Andrade with an Irish whip and Young does the Flair Flip to the apron and Andrade with a forearm to Young. Andrade goes for a superplex but Young punches Andrade off the turnbuckles. Young with an elbow drop for a near fall.

Andrade with an elbow but Young with forearms. Young with a clothesline into the corner. Young goes to the turnbuckles and Andrade pulls Young off the turnbuckles. Andrade with a running kick and he gets a near fall. Andrade with an arm bar. Young with a jaw breaker and shoulder tackle. Young with a clothesline and Andrade with an Irish whip and Young floats over but he runs into a boot and Young with a wheelbarrow neck breaker for a near fall. Young goes up top again for the elbow drop but Andrade crotches Young. Andrade with the running double knee strike and then he hits the hammer lock DDT for the three count.

Winner: Andrade Almas

After the match, R Truth makes his way to ringside and he hides in front of Michael Waltrip and Kurt Busch. They tell the 24/7 Chase team Truth went that-a-way.

Truth celebrates wtih Busch and Waltrip, but Waltrip shows a referee’s shirt and Kurt Busch with a rollup for the three count.

Busch and Waltrip go to the back as Truth is in shock.

We go to commercial.

We are back and The Street Profits are here to talk about Cyber Monday deals and the No Way Jose Main Event Conga Line walks past.

We see what happened at the start of the show with Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and the Authors of Pain.

We see Seth Rollins leaving the building and Charly Caruso stops Seth to ask him about what he said earlier. If everyone is family, why didn’t he help Kevin Owens. Seth says he offered his help to Kevin Owens and Kevin said no.

Charly asks Seth about the sincerity of his apology. Seth asks Charly what does she want from him. Seth says it is a no win situation. Whatever side of the fence he is on, it is always his fault. Everyone is a critic but not everyone has the guts to be a leader.

We have a video package to show us how Rey Mysterio became the US Champion last week.

We go to Erick Rowan and his pet. He says he won’t let anything happen to him.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: No Way Jose versus Erick Rowan

One of the Congaliers goes after the case and Rowan destroys three of them. Jose punches Rowan but Rowan with a knee and he sends Jose into the ring steps. Rowan scares the Congalese to the back. Rowan with a running cross body to Jose. Rowan tells Jose to tell his people not to touch his stuff. Rowan sends Jose back into the ring and hits a clothesline. Rowan with a claw slam but he pulls Jose up. Rowan with another claw slam for the three count.

Winner: Erick Rowan

Asuka and Kairi Sane are in the back getting ready for their handicap match.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Erick Rowan is asked what is in the cage but Erick won’t show Sarah. Erick snarls at Sarah and walks away.

Charly Caruso asks Kairi and Asuka about their match and Charly mentions Charlotte ending Asuka’s streak. Asuka responds in Japanese.

Match Number Six: Asuka and Kairi Sane versus Charlotte Flair

Kairi and Asuka attack Charlotte before the bell rings and Sane hits Charlotte with the umbrella.

Charlotte and Asuka with punches as the bell rings. Sane tags in and she hits Charlotte with a double sledge to the back. Sane chokes Charlotte in the corner. Asuka tags in and kicks Charlotte. Sane tags in and Sane sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles. Asuka sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles. Charlotte with a kick to Asuka and Charlotte sends Sane to the apron and hits a forearm to knock her off the apron. Asuka takes Charlotte to the mat. Asuka with kickes and Charlotte with a block of a kick and single leg take down. Charlotte clotheslines Sane on the apron. Charlotte sends Asuka to the floor and hits a baseball slide to both women. Asuka sends Charlotte into the ringside barrier before they return to the ring.

Asuka with an Irish whip and Charlotte with the Flair flip and Sane pulls Charlotte off the apron. Charlotte sends Sane into the ringside barrier. Charlotte slaps Sane and Asuka with a baseball slide on the apron. Asuka with kicks to the back. Asuka has some words for the referee and Sane holds Charlotte but Asuka knocks Sane off the apron with a hip attack when Charlotte moves. Charlotte with a pescado onto Asuka and Sane. Charlotte sends Asuka back into the ring and Sane tries to send Charlotte into the ring post but Charlotte kicks Sane. Charlotte sees Asuka trying to attack her but Charlotte points at Asuka and we go to commercial.

We are back and Asuka with a hip strike in the corner. Sane tags in and Sane with forearms to the back. Sane with a Sliding D for a near fall. Asuka tags in and they exchange forearms. Asuka with a waist lock but Charlotte with a back elbow. Asuka runs into an elbow. Charlotte has a kick blocked and Asuka with an ankle lock followed by a German suplex. Sane tags in and Sane goes up top and is met with a boot. Charlotte with a boot to Asuka. Charlotte puts Asuka next to Sane and Charlotte goes to the turnbuckles for a moonsault onto both women.

Sane and Asuka get their knees up and Charlotte blocks a drop kick and Charlotte with a Boston Crab. Asuka kicks Charlotte to force the hold to be released. Asuka tags in and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. Asuka with kicks to Charlotte. Charlotte blocks a kick and Asuka with a forearm. Charlotte with a forearm. Asuka with a kick. Charlotte blocks a drop kick and Charlotte tries for the Boston Crab. Charlotte with a boot to the head and Charlotte goes for the figure four leg lock but Asuka counters into a cross arm breaker and triangle. Charlotte picks up Asuka for a one arm sit out power bomb and Sane breaks up the cover. Sane tags in and she pulls Charlotte into the corner and hits an elbow drop.

Sane goes up top and Charlotte stops Sane on the turnbuckles. Charlotte slaps Sane while Sane connects with forearms. Charlotte with a superplex attempt and Sane tags in. Asuka gets to the turnbuckles and Asuka and Sane send Charlotte face first to the mat. Sane with a double stomp to the back and Asuka gets a near fall. Sane and Asuka go for duel Sliding Ds but Charlotte avoids it and hits a double spear for a near fall. Charlotte with knees to the hamstring and she knocks Sane off the apron with a baseball slide. Charlotte misses a boot. Charlotte with a spear but Sane makes the tag. Charlotte puts Asuka in the figure four and Asuka pulls Charlotte into the corner. Charlotte bridges and Sane with an InSane Elbow for the three count.

Winners: Kairi Sane and Asuka

Erik and Ivar are in a hallway owned by The Fiend as they snarl into commercial.

We see Charlotte Flair in the back and she is asked if she regrets challenging the Kabuki Warriors and Charlotte says no and walks away.

Match Number Seven: Erik and Ivar versus Mark Sterling and Mitchell Lyons in a Non Title Match

Erik with a knee to Sterling and Lyons is ready to go to the back but Ivar picks him up and slams Lyons on the floor. Erik slams Ivar onto Lyons. Ivar tags in and Sterling is sent into the turnbuckles. Ivar with a splash and Erik with knees. Erik sends Ivar into Sterling in the corner. Erik tags in and they hit Viking Experience for the three count.

Winners: Erik and Ivar

We go to Humberto Carrillo, Ricochet, and Rey Mysterio in the locker room. Ricochet says he wants to prove that superheroes are real but tonight that will be shoved to the side. They are going to shut up the OC. Humberto says the OC are trying to ruin Raw, but that won’t happen tonight. Rey says the honor is all his to be teaming with the future of the sport. What AJ Styles was doing as US Champion was unacceptable. That will not happen because he has the title. They will shut the OC up and shut them down.

We go to commercial.

Karl Anderson says Randy Orton helped Rey Mysterio steal the US Title from AJ Styles. You committed the crime of the century against the OC. AJ says you will get hurt. He says that they will enjoy hurting Rey, Humberto, and Ricochet.

Match Number Eight: Rey Mysterio, Humberto Carrillo, and Ricochet versus AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows

Anderson and Humberto start things off and Anderson with a side head lock. Humberto lands on his feet on a back drop. Humberto with a sunset flip but Anderson rolls through. Humberto with a round kick for a near fall. Humberto with a wrist lock. Ricochet tags in and hits a double sledge to the arm. Ricochet and Humberto with a double back elbow and a double handspring arm drag for a near fall. Ricochet with a European uppercut and Humberto tags in. Humberto is run into the corner and Anderson with a forearm. Styles tags in and he punches and chops Carrillo.

Humberto with a back heel kick and another kick. Carrillo with a moonsault head butt for a near fall. Styles with a shot to the throat to stop Humberto. Humberto with an elbow but Anderson with a knee to the back from the apron and Styles kicks Humberto to the floor. Gallows with a clothesline on the floor. Styles sends Humberto into the ringside barrier. They return to the ring and Gallows tags in and hits an elbow drop. Gallows with a round kick for a near fall. Gallows with elbows to the collarbone and he applies a reverse chin lock. Gallows with a knee to the midsection.

Gallows goes for a suplex but Humberto lands on his feet and Humberto with a jaw breaker and enzuigiri. Rey and Anderson tag in and Rey with a springboard cross body and kick. Rey with a kick and head scissors take down. Gallows hits Rey in the back and Rey sends Gallows into the ring post. Rey is sent to the apron and he hits an enzuigiri to Styles and a 619 around the ring post to Gallows. Styles gets Rey on his shoulders and Rey sends Styles into the ropes. Anderson blocks a 619 and sends Rey into the ringside barrier and ring steps.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Galows with a suplex to Rey for a near fall. Rey with elbows to Gallows but Rey runs into a boot from Gallows for a near fall. Anderson tags in and works on the neck. Anderson with a reverse chin lock and Rey with an elbow and he sends Anderson into the turnbuckles. Ricochet and Styles tag in and Ricochet with a running forearm and head scissors. Ricochet with a springboard drop kick to knock Anderson off the apron. Ricochet with kicks to Styles from the apron followed by a springboard clothesline and shooting star press for a near fall.

Styles with a waist lock and Ricochet wtih an O’Connor Roll for a near fall. Anderson with a forearm and Styles with a gourdbuster out of belly-to-back set up. Styles sets for a Styles Clash but Ricochet backs AJ into the turnbuckles. Ricochet with Recoil for a near fall. Rey sends Anderson into the ropes and Rey with a 619 and then Gallows kicks Rey off the apron. Humberto with a missile drop kick to Gallows followed by a plancha to Gallows. Styles sets for a power bomb but Ricochet counters with a rana for a near fall. Styles with a Pele Kick and then Styles puts Ricochet on the turnbuckles.

Styles goes to the turnbuckles and Ricochet with a punch. Ricochet kicks Anderson off the apron and then hits a moonsault off the ring post onto Anderson. Ricochet goes for a springboard Frankensteiner but Styles blocks it and hits a Super Styles Clash for the three count.

Winners: AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows

Randy Orton shows up behind AJ while he celebrates his victory and Orton hits an RKO.

We go to credits.

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