WWE Raw Review – January 8, 2024

WWE Raw Review – January 8, 2024

Kicking off this week’s Raw with Drew McIntyre addresses his World Heavyweight Title match against Seth Rollins last week and says he needed the win. He says he’s been replaying the match over and over in his head, then says maybe everyone has been right in saying that he’s been holding himself back. He says he thought about stepping away from WWE for a while to figure things out until he realized that Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Mr Money In The Bank Damian Priest cost him the match when he looked to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase. He questions why Priest didn’t wait until after the match to cash in then says maybe he should leave for 9 years like CM Punk so he can receive a hero’s reception of his own.

Punk’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He says he’s disappointed McIntyre didn’t wear his kilt in honor of Rowdy Roddy Piper then asks McIntyre if he’s known for talking like the 2 of them are. He says he thought he’d come out since he heard his name and McIntyre can say what he wants to his face. McIntyre congratulates Punk on being in WWE for over a month then says he has a bet going with some other roster members that he’ll crash and burn. He says his words must’ve offended Punk and says all he cares about is what Punk does to him personally. He says they’ve traveled the world with each other for years and recalls Punk calling himself the locker room leader when he was WWE Champion. He says he needed a leader back then and says he was in a dark place. He says Punk was never that leader that he needed and he had no reason not to help him. He says he figured things out once he got fired from WWE then says he’s now Punk’s leader.

Punk says he’s never called himself a leader because he’s always led by example. He says McIntyre watched him walk out of WWE and he in turn watched McIntyre return to the company stronger than ever. He says he’s a real nice guy until it’s time not to be and says it’s getting to be that time. He says he’s not here to make friends but to win the Royal Rumble and main event WrestleMania.

McIntyre says he’s done something Punk never has: win the Royal Rumble and main event WrestleMania at a time when WWE needed someone to step up in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. He officially declares himself as an entrant in the 2024 Royal Rumble and will eliminate Punk. Punk says he’s going to walk away before things become physical and says McIntyre can’t stop him from winning the Royal Rumble because no one can. He then says he’ll make sure to eliminate McIntyre from the Royal Rumble last.

After the break DIY walked backstage while Tommaso Ciampa delivered a promo about their desire to win the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Finn Balor vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Match starts off with a lock up then Finn Balor fires off shoulders on Tommaso Ciampa’s midsection but Ciampa responds with a back elbow and a chop.

Balor connects with a dropkick and a pair of elbows to Ciampa’s head then fires off several right hands.

He then sends Balor crashing into the top turnbuckle face first but Priest captures his attention.

Opening the door for Balor to send him crashing into the announce table face first as we go to a break.

After the break Ciampa delivers a splash to Balor in the corner then follows it up with a reverse DDT and looks to powerbomb Balor but Balor escapes and delivers a stomp.

Ciampa then manages to powerbomb him and get his knees up in time to connect with Balor’s spine.

Balor responds with a dropkick to Ciampa in the corner then ascends to the top and looks to hit Coup De Grace but Ciampa avoids it and rolls Balor up but Balor kicks out.

Damian Priest hops up onto the apron and distracts Ciampa but Johnny Gargano pulls him off.

Priest looks to send Gargano crashing through the announce desk with a Razor’s Edge, but Ciampa delivers a knee off the apron.

Balor looks to take advantage and deliver a Brainbuster to him into the ring but Gargano grabs his ankle from the outside opening the door for Ciampa to pin him for the win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Backstage Jackie Redmond is with Becky Lynch & Redmond ask Lynch about her loss to Nia Jax. Lynch said she didn’t end up in the hospital after being punched by Jax this time around. She said that’s an improvement over last time when she did go to the hospital and then went on to win the Royal Rumble.

Kofi Kingston vs. Ludwig Kaiser

Match starts off with a lock up then Ludwig Kaiser fires off right hands on Kofi Kingston then delivers a clothesline and fires off strikes.

He delivers a chop in the corner but Kingston responds with a series of strikes then Kaiser drapes Kingston off the top turnbuckle by his knee and delivers a dropkick to him.

Kingston responds with an enzuigiri from the apron and a crossbody into the ring then looks for Trouble In Paradise. Kaiser avoids it and Kingston sends him crashing to the outside.

He looks to fly but Kaiser catches him with a right hand and tosses him into the barricade before rocking him with a kick as we go to a break.

After the break Kaiser delivers a series of stomps to Kingston’s chest then looks to hit one off the middle rope but Kingston gets his boot up to prevent him from doing so.

Kaiser is sent crashing out of the ring and Kingston goes flying off the top to level him.

Kingston then goes flying off the ring steps but Kaiser sends him crashing into the ring post and looks to land a running uppercut.

Kingston moves out of the way and Kaiser is sent crashing into the barricade as the referee begins a 10 count then the ref reaches 10 & both men are double counted out.

Winner: No One (Double Count Out)

After the match they continue brawling. Officials run down to ringside as Kingston sends Kaiser crashing into the announce table. Kaiser throws a chair on Kingston and continues beating Kingston down until officials finally manage to pull him off Kingston. Kaiser escapes and delivers a dropkick to Kingston sending him crashing into the ring steps.

After the break Jackie Redmond catches up with Kaiser & explains that Kingston had a beatdown coming given that he’s currently carrying Imperium as the result of his action.

Michael Cole points out that Nia Jax shocked the world when she defeated Becky Lynch & Jax questions why that was so shocking. She says she’s told everyone that she’s a different version of herself and tells Cole that it would be shocking if she broke his face. She says she’s focused on the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble and earning her WrestleMania match whether that be with Iyo Sky or Rhea Ripley.

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring. She says Jax likes to talk a big game and she’s acting like she’s already won the Rumble. She reminds Jax that she eliminated her from the match last year and while she may have defeated Lynch, Lynch isn’t her. She says Jax doesn’t own the women’s division and if she wins the Women’s Royal Rumble it’s in Jax’s best interest to keep her name out of her mouth.

Jax says while Ripley is the most dominant Women’s Champion, she laid her out when she returned. She says Ripley is too scared to face her 1 on 1 and she will choose to face Ripley at WrestleMania when she wins the Women’s Royal Rumble.

We then head over to a video of The Rock’s return to WWE last week.

Backstage Jackie Redmond interviewed Cody Rhodes about his main event match with Shinsuke Nakamura. Rhodes recalls saying this should be over. Suddenly, Nakamura attacked Rhodes from behind before Rhodes fought back.

Women’s Tag Team Titles Match
Kayden Carter & Katana Chance (c) vs. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

Chelsea Green delivers a dropkick to Kayden Carter that sends her crashing to the outside as she chases her back in the ring but Carter catches her with a kick.

Chance tags in and pins Green but Green kicks out then Carter tags back in and hits a kick to Green’s jaw. Chance becomes legal and looks to double team on Green with Carter but Piper Niven helps her partner out.

Green sends Chance crashing into the middle turnbuckle before Niven tags in and delivers a cannonball as we go to a break.

After the break Carter tags in and delivers a forearm to Green then hits a kick to her then follows it up with a leg drop and sits her on the top turnbuckle.

She joins her up there before Chance tags in and joins them up there.

Chance delivers an avalanche hurricanrana with some assistance from Carter then tags Carter back in and double teams on Green with her.

Green sets up for the Unprettier on Carter but Carter fights her off. She pins Carter but the referee begins the 3 count late after being distracted by Chance.

Niven tags in and delivers an elbow to Carter’s spine then goes for a pin but Chance breaks the fall.

Green sends her crashing out of the ring with a kick before Carter does the same to her.

She then delivers a kick to Niven’s jaw but Niven sends her crashing into the mat. Green tags in and helps Niven climb the ropes.

Chance pulls Carter out of the ring and Niven accidentally hits a Vader Bomb to Green before Chance tags in and hits Keg Stand for the win.

Winners & Still Women’s Tag Team Champions: Kayden Carter & Katana Chance (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!)

We see video showed R Truth talking about being born in North Carolina on a cold January morning. He said he told the doctor that one day he would be in Judgment Day.

Truth spoke about all of the things he (had not) been through with the faction while photos were shown with his image inserted. Truth said they are a real family now that JD McDonagh is gone. He mentioned Dom & Nick Mysterio and said that Nick is his brother even though they’ve never met.

Judgement Day talks inside their clubhouse. JD McDonagh complained at R Truth. Damian Priest said it was actually funny then adds that he would handle things when the time came. Priest wondered why they weren’t taking care of Drew McIntyre. Rhea Ripley said he’s not an enemy. Priest questioned if it was smart of her to make an enemy of Nia Jax. Ripley told McDonagh that she needed him to handle The Miz.

The Miz vs. JD McDonagh

The Miz & JD McDonagh look to lock up but R Truth appears at ringside to join Dominik Mysterio in cheering McDonagh on, and he question what he’s doing.

The Miz delivers an arm drag to McDonagh then follows it up with a knee to his midsection.

McDonagh then rolls out of the ring for a breather then slides back in and hits IT Kicks.

Miz looks to lock in a Figure 4 but McDonagh prevents him from doing so.

Miz then hits a neckbreaker and a chop but McDonagh delivers a kick to his jaw.

Miz responds with a back body drop and sets up for Skull Crushing Finale but Mysterio clocks him from the apron while the referee is distracted.

This opens the door for McDonagh to deliver an elbow as we go to a break.

After the break Miz connects with a back elbow on McDonagh then follows it up with a jawbreaker but McDonagh executes a corkscrew over the top from the apron as Truth rallies the crowd from the outside.

McDonagh rocks Miz with an enzuigiri and a suplex but Miz responds with a series of right and left hands then follows it up with a clothesline in the corner and IT Kicks but McDonagh rolls him up.

Miz kicks out and delivers a knee to the back of McDonagh’s knee then locks in a Figure 4 but McDonagh makes his way over to the bottom rope to break the hold then hits a jawbreaker to Miz using the top rope as extra leverage.

Miz hits McDonagh & Mysterio on the outside with a dropkick through the middle rope and gets him back in the ring before landing Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: The Miz

After the match Truth celebrates with Miz in the ring.

Rhea Ripley & Finn Balor were upset backstage while Damian Priest stood by. Ripley said she was going to inform Adam Pearce of their plan for next week. Priest said he would let the boys know once they returned to the back.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins welcomes fans to Monday Night Rollins and introduces himself then says Royal Rumble is only a few weeks away and the Road to WrestleMania comes after that. He says his WrestleMania track record is pretty good but he’s never defended a World Title at WrestleMania. He says that changes this year because it’s his year and he’s worked too hard and too long for that not to be the case. He says he took a title that didn’t exist and elevated it into the most important title in the wrestling business, then ponders who he’ll beat to retain the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania given how stacked the Raw roster is.

Jinder Mahal’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He asks Rollins how he was more of a revolutionary last week than he has been in 5 years then rags on Portland. He says Rollins prides himself on being a workhorse that provides opportunities to everyone except for him then reminds Rollins that he beat Randy Orton to become WWE Champion.

Rollins says that Mahal is right in saying that he’s been overlooked but that was intentional. He says he appreciates that Mahal had the courage to show up again after what happened between him & The Rock last week but he doesn’t appreciate that he interrupted him and dares him to take a shot at him. Mahal doesn’t do so and Rollins tells him that he hasn’t changed. Rollins looks to leave but Mahal clocks him from behind. Rollins takes Mahal down with a kick and looks to connect with Curb Stomp but Mahal slides out of the ring before he can.

Backstage Shinsuke Nakamura was shown warming up.

Otis vs. Ivar

Match starts off with a lock up before Ivar delivers a kick to Otis’ midsection but Otis responds with a back elbow.

Ivar hits him with a sit out senton before executing a powerbomb and going for a pin. Otis kicks out and hits Caterpillar then goes for a pin of his own.

Ivar kicks out and the pair exchange strikes before Ivar delivers a spinning back heel kick and a moonsault off the top for the win.

Winner: Ivar

After the match Akira Tozawa enters the ring and yells at Ivar but he shoved him down. Tozawa ends up at ringside and told Ivar that he’s next. I’m big, little man Ivar responded before Ivar told Tozawa that he’s just a little, little, little man.

We go backstage where Jackie Redmond is with Jey Uso & she asked if he had any resolutions. Jey said he would win his 1st ever singles championship. Bronson Reed shows up and mocks Jey by calling him Jimmy Uso’s little brother. Reed told Jey that he’s not the only one who with plans of becoming a champion. Reed told Jey not to get in the way.

We get a video package recapping the Cody Rhodes vs. Shinsuke Nakamura feud.

Street Fight
Cody Rhodes vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Cody Rhodes fires off right hands on Shinsuke Nakamura’s spine before the action spills to the outside and they brawl up the ramp.

They exchange right hands at the top before Rhodes sends Nakamura crashing into the barricade twice. Nakamura delivers a right hand but Rhodes connects with one of his own.

He follows it up with an elbow to the back of his neck then sends him crashing into the announce table midsection first and hits Nakamura with a water bottle.

He sends him crashing into the ring steps then dumps him into the ring and ascends to the top rope. Nakamura rolls back to the outside and grabs a broom.

He hits Rhodes with it then crawls under the ring to grab a kendo stick & cracks it across Rhodes’ spine as we go to a break.

After the break Rhodes hits Nakamura with the kendo stick repeatedly.

Nakamura drapes him across the top rope and delivers a knee to his midsection then fires off kicks and locks in an inverted Texas Cloverleaf before he fires off more kicks.

Rhodes responds with a powerslam and a Disaster Kick then grabs a table from under the ring and slides it inside.

Nakamura blindsides Rhodes and hits him with a pair of nunchucks then climbs up the barricade near the timekeepers area and looks to fly with them in hand.

Rhodes catches Nakamura with a right hand and grabs a chair. He looks to spit his red mist into Rhodes’ face.

Rhodes ducks out of the way and Nakamura sprays a crew member then attacks Rhodes with a chair as we go to a 2nd break.

After the 2nd break Nakamura cracks the chair across Rhodes’ spine and sets it up in the corner. Rhodes sends him colliding into it and they exchange strikes.

Rhodes connects with a pair of elbows on Nakamura’s head. Nakamura gets Rhodes on top of a table and delivers a pair of double knees to him off the top rope.

He then pins Rhodes but Rhodes kicks out. Nakamura grabs a 2nd table from under the ring and sets it up in the corner.

He sends Rhodes crashing into the corner with the chair set up in it spine first then hits a release German suplex and a knee off the middle rope.

Rhodes catches him with a kick under his jaw then hits a Pedigree and a Cody Cutter.

Nakamura charges at him but Rhodes sends him crashing into the table in the corner then hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Next Week’s Raw

World Heavyweight Title Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Jinder Mahal

Non Title Match
Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Judgement Day (Mr Money In The Bank Damian Priest & Finn Balor) vs. Awesome Truth (The Miz & R Truth)

Tag Team Match
Judgement Day (JD McDonagh & Dominik Mysterio) vs. DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano)