WWE Reaction To CM Punk’s Deleted Tweet, Sgt. Slaughter Controversy

– Regarding CM Punk’s tweet towards The Miz to “suck a blood-money covered d*ck in Saudi Arabia” that was quickly deleted, it doesn’t appear that there was too much backlash within WWE and FOX. Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted the following about the situation:

“While people were critical, it didn’t result in a reaction by FOX or WWE over the idea that someone on their show made a homophobic remark and then trying to force an apology. Really, it wasn’t that big of a reaction, but there was a reaction.”

– There is a new controversy on social media regarding Sgt. Slaughter. It was pointed out that Slaughter and WWE have been claiming his kayfabe military service is real in articles and interviews.