WWE Releases Update: Are More Coming?, How They Were Handled Differently

What is the latest on the unexpected round of WWE talent cuts made on Friday night?

Let’s find out!

As noted on late Friday evening, reports surfaced regarding the WWE releases of former world champion Jinder Mahal, Xia Li, Xyon Quinn and the Indus Sher duo of Sanga and Veer.

PWInsider.com is reporting that there are no additional WWE releases expected to come at this time.

The word making the rounds among talent in the company is that the way the releases were handled this time were different than in the past.

According to the report, the call process was handled differently, with them described as much more apologetic and respectful towards talent than the more abrupt, all-business style of calls that came with the unfortunate news in the past.

We will keep you posted as additional details surface regarding the recent WWE talent releases.