WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 26, 2020

WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 26, 2020


The Panel is Jonathan Coachman, Charly Caruso, Christian and David Otunga.

The United States Championship match and Sheamus vs. Shorty G have been moved to the Kickoff Show.

Renee Young, Booker T and Sam Roberts were at the entrance aisle and talked about what it takes to win a Rumble. Young noted that sometimes, it just comes down to the numbers, which led to the annual “By the Numbers” video.

Natalya joined the panel. She said to win the Rumble would make her career even greater. She’s already prepared for her victory. If you aren’t planning to win, what are you even doing in the ring. Christian joked that he believed in her because they were both Canadians. She said believing in herself is key and if she wins, she would want to face Bayley at Wrestlemania and would guarantee herself a victory. The biggest threats would be Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross as they are sneaky. She said you don’t know who is going to show up from the past, present or future of the company. She’s the Iron Woman and she’s going to win.

They aired a video feature on Becky Lynch vs. Asuka and discussed the Raw Women’s title bout.

They showed footage of Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy winning the Raw Tag Team titles on Raw this past week.

They then played a video feature on Bryan Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Bayley backstage. She said she traveled the world trying to inspire people and being a role model better than Lacey Evans could ever be, been there, done that. She said Evans’ dream isn’t coming true tonight and she hopes Evans’ brat daughter is sitting in the front row to watch her mother fail.

Sheamus vs. Shorty G

G tried to take Sheamus down several times but he was too strong. G grabbed an armbar but was smashed with a right hand. Sheamus controlled him until G sent him over the top to the floor. Sheamus cut him off with a knee to the mid-section and then beat him over the back. Back in the ring, G took him down and went for an anklelock but was overpowered. G was sent into the ring post shoulder-first and then nailed with a shoulderbreaker.

Sheamus stomped on G’s hand and arm over and over. Sheamus worked over his arm and wrist. G was bleeding from behind the ear. Sheamus clubbed him down. G fired back with a series of stomps to his feet but was tossed to the outside. G jumped right back on the apron but was caught with a series of shots across the chest.

Sheamus began verbally berating G, telling him he doesn’t belong in the ring. He slapped G, who slapped him back. G drilled him with several forearms and a kick. He nailed a low dropkick to the knee. He worked over Sheamus, focusing on the knee and ankle. He nailed a running kick in the corner and went for a moonsault. Sheamus caught him and went to hit a powerslam but it was turned into a DDT and G nailed a second moonsault for a two count.

Sheamus blocked a German suplex and nailed a knee to the face, but was caught with another German suplex for a two count. Sheamus went to the top for a move but G caught him and locked in an anklelock. Sheamus escaped and went for a Brogue Kick but G caught him in another anklelock. Sheamus made it to the bottom rope to break the submission.

G took Sheamus down with a crucifix for a two but Sheamus kicked out and nailed the Brogue Kick for the pin.

The story was that G was a game competitor and took the fight to Sheamus but in the end, the Brogue Kick was too much for him.

The panel ran down the lineup for the PPV.

WWE United States Champion Andrade (with Zelina Vega) vs. Humberto Carilllo

They show each other before locking up and going back and forth. Carrillo went for a kick outside but had his leg swept on the apron. Humberto went up for a move but was shoved off into the barricade on the floor.

Andrade worked over Humberto for some time, including using a hanging armbar. He maintained control on the mat as the audience rallied Carrillo. Carrillo fought to his feet but was taken back down to the mat. Carrillo finally escaped but was wiped out with a running elbow.

The story of the bout thus far was that Andrade kept cutting off the momentum of Carrillo every time he hit a big move. Carrillo surprised him with a sunset flip. Carrillo hit a nice springboard cross body. He went for a rollup moonsault but Andrade pulled his knees up. Andrade worked him over in the corner with several knees.

Andrade missed a charge and landed on the floor. Carrillo hit a moonsault to the floor. Carillo was cut off when they returned to the ring and nailed the Three Amigos but Carrillo countered on the third one and nailed a suplex of his own. He went for a moonsault but realized Andrade was going to block it and landed on his feet. He was still sent into the buckles. Andrade nailed the double knee strike in the corner.

They fired back and forth with forearms and chops. Carrillo cut Andrade off with a superkick for a two count. The battle went on with each going for big moves and missing. Carrillo went to the top but was kicked in the side of the head. Andrade went to the ropes. Carrillo met him there and nailed a rana off the top into the ring. He covered the Champion, who kicked out at the last second.

They went back and forth until Andrade rolled through a sunset flip attempt and countered, scoring Carrillo for the pin.

Your winner and still WWE United States Champion, Andrade!

A good back and forth bout.

Renee and company were talking about the show when R-Truth attempted to make his way to the ring. He asked them if they were in the Rumble. He said Lesnar took him to Sioux Falls City and Paul Heyman talked the entire time. It was the usual silly Truth stuff. Young sent it back to the panel, asking them to “save us.” That was funny.

They aired the By the Numbers video again.

Charlotte Flair was interviewed backstage. She doesn’t see 29 competitors, just numbers and when they look at her, they will see the Queen.

They recapped Worlds Collide.

Backstage, Kofi Kingston was interviewed by Kayla Braxton. He said a win is a one way ticket to Wrestlemania. He said everything before tonight doesn’t matter. He doesn’t know what number he is entering at and he doesn’t know. That’s part of the unpredictability of the Rumble match. He said you are trying to get to the main event of Wrestlemania and as hard as this is, its the easiest way to make it happen. He and Big E are going to work as a team. If they are the last two men, ring the bell. They would have already been the winners. There’s a lot of excitement.


They opened with a great video featuring and narrated by Steve Austin about the Rumble match.

Baron Corbin vs. Roman Reigns – Falls Count Anywhere

Reigns didn’t want to wait and attacked the guys carrying Corbin’s throne to the ring as they were setting it down. He tossed Corbin into the ring steps and then brought Corbin into the ring. Reigns rained down punches in the corner. He went for a Samoan Drop but Corbin slipped out and went to the floor. He nailed a right as Roman attempted to follow him to the floor.

Corbin tried to leave the ringside area but Roman caught him and worked him over on the floor. Corbin made a comeback and drilled Reigns with the steps. Corbin cleared the Spanish announcing table and tried to slam Reigns into the table. Reigns fired back with rights. Corbin went into the crowd but Reigns followed, drilling him with right hands. They went through the crowd and back into the ringside area.

Corbin cut off Reigns and nailed a chokeslam on the German announcing table, scoring him for a two count on the floor. Reigns fired back but was grabbing at his arm, having hurt it. Corbin snatched him and nailed a chokeslam through the Spanish table. Corbin dragged Reigns through the fans, beating him with right hands, ending up near the production area.

Roman nailed a Samoan Drop through one of the other announcing tables. He grabbed Corbin and put him through the table again for a two count. They battled up to a production area, where Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler attacked Roman. The Usos made the save and everyone brawled. Jimmy Uso hit a flying bodypress off the production area onto everyone.

Roman regained control and sent Corbin into PortaPotties they were set up towards the back of the stadium. Roman opened one and tossed Corbin into it. Roman tipped it over. Corbin rolled out and staggered away with Roman catching up to him and nailing right hand after right hand. They battled to one o the dugouts, where Corbin drilled him in the mid-section with a chair. Roman was tossed on top of the dugout. Corbin drilled him with a chair. Corbin went for End of Days but Reigns nailed him with a Superman punch and a spear on the dugout for the pin.

Your winner, Roman Reigns!

Backstage, Kevin Owens noted the titles he’s won in Houston and tonight, he wants to toss out Seth and then go on to win. Joe said that he’ll have his back on the Rollins deal, but if he gets in Joe’s way, Joe will take him out.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. If it comes down to them being the last two in the ring, Deville will eliminate herself because that’s how much she cares about her partner.

Michael Cole extended condolences on behalf of everyone associated with WWE to the family and friends of Kobe Bryant and everyone else who passed away in the helicopter crash today. Such a horrible situation.

30 Woman Royal Rumble Match – winner receives Championship match at Wrestlemania 36

The first competitor was Alexa Bliss.

Number two was Bianca Belair.

Bianca drilled Bliss into the buckles with several shoulderblocks. Belair mounted the ropes and drilled her with rights. Bliss smashed her in the face and nailed a big kick. Belair caught Bliss going for a head scissor takeover and tried to toss her over the top but failed.

Number Three was Molly Holly, coming out as Mighty Molly. Molly tossed Belair over the top but she landed on the apron. She drilled both with clotheslines. Holly went to the ropes and nailed a flying bodypress on Belair and Bliss, then did the superhero pose.

Number four was Nikki Cross. She and Bliss worked over Belair and Molly, who fought them off. Belair hit the KOD on Cross, smashing her down on Bliss. Cross kicked Molly down. Belair speared her. Mollyhit a neckbreaker on Bliss. Everyone was down.

Number five was Lana. Lana cut a promo all the way to the ring putting herself over.

Number six was Mercedes Martinez. She began wiping out the ring but Lana hit her from behind. Lana nailed a suplex but Martinez popped up and suplexed Lana over the top to the apron. She swept her legs but Lana held on.

Number seven was Liv Morgan. She shoulderblocked Lana off the apron.

Lana eliminated.

Martinez dumped Morgan over the top but she lands on the apron. Lana dragged her down and they fought on the floor, with officials having to pull them apart.

Number eight was Mandy Rose. She shoulderblocked Cross down. That made Cross explode with offense.

Number nine was Candice LaRae. She nailed a quebrada on Cross. Everyone battled. Bianca Belair eliminated Molly. Mandy was tossed but landed on Otis, who had rolled out from under the ring. That allowed her to be able to return to the ring. It got a big pop.

Number ten was Sonya Deville. She and Mandy teamed up to try and eliminated LaRae. They worked over Martinez and eliminated her.

Number eleven was WWE Women”s Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane. She speared Cross and Bliss.

Number 12 was Mia Yim. Belair tossed Cross and tried to toss Bliss, who grabbed onto Belair’s hair to save herself.

Mandy was tossed over the top into Otis’ arms. He saves her again. Deville was knocked off the apron into Otis and all three went down. Fire and Desire eliminated.

Number 13 was Dana Brooke. Everyone battled. LaRae was tossed byy Belair. Sonya eliminated. Yim worked over Bliss in the corner.

Number 14 was Tamina. She went face to face with Belair, who challenged her. They battled it out in the middle of the ring. Belair tossed her.

Number 15 was Dakota Kai. She nailed Brooke with a big boot to the face in the corner. Bliss tossed Yim to the floor, eliminating her.

Number 16 was Chelsea Green. She was tossed out immediately by Bliss. Thanks for coming. Brooke went after Bliss but Bliss reversed a powerbomb into a rana and sent her to the floor.

We are back to #1 and #2 the only ones left, Belair and Bliss. Bliss went for Twisted Bliss but Belair pul her knees up. Belair tried to toss her but they both went over the top and battled on the apron. Bliss grabbed her hair and there was a tug of war but Bliss was sent backwards into the ringpost and bounced to the floor.

Belair was alone in the ring, until #17, Charlotte Flair came out. They battled back and forth. Flair nailed her with several big suplexes.

Number 18 was the returning Naomi. Big pop for her. She and Flair battled until they turned their attention to Belair and hit her with kicks and a double suplex. Flair immediately turned on Naomi and worked her over in the corner,

Number 19 was Beth Phoenix. Flair looked shocked. She controlled the ring and tossed Naomi over the top. Naomi landed on the apron, battled her way out of the predicament and hit a springboard bodypress on Beth and Charlotte. Naomi and Flair battled as Belair and Phoenix fought in the corner. Phoenix drilled her with kicks and set her up on the ropes, trying to force her over the top.

Number 20 was Toni Storm. Everyone battled. Flair kicked Belair off the ropes, sending her to the floor. Great performance by Belair.

Number 21 was Kelly Kelly. She hit a Thesz Press on Naomi and rained down with punches. She nailed a head scissor takedown on Storm. She nailed a Stinkface on Storm but Flair nailed her. Phoenix tossed Flair over the top and began kicking the hell out of her, trying to knock Flair off the apron to the floor. Flair and Beth battled. Storm and Kelly battled.

Number 22 was Sarah Logan. Logan began beating on Flair. Phoenix grabbed her. Charlotte kicked Logan out of the ring with a big boot. Kelly tried to toss Flair but Flair maneuvered her over the top. Kelly slapped her so Flair rocked her off the apron. Kelly eliminated. Everyone worked over Phoenix as….

Number 23 was Natalya, Beth’s best friend. Natalya whipped out discus clotheslines on everyone, saving Beth. Beth appeared to be bleeding from the back of her head. Phoenix and Natalya nailed a double powerbomb to the center of the ring from the ropes. Storm tried to toss Naomi.

Number 24 is Xia Li. She kicked Natalya down and then did the same to Phoenix. Flair sent her into the buckles. Everyone battled.

Number 25 was Zelina Vega. She nailed a big DDT on Naomi. She nailed a leaping rana off the ropes onto Phoenix. Zelina nailed a DDT on Storm. Beth, Natalya and Li triple-teamed Flair to try and toss her, but Naomi joined the fray, breaking it up.

Number 26 was Shotzi Blackheart. She nailed a stepup enziguiri on Storm. Naomi was knocked off the apron but hit the guard rail and held on. She pulled herself up on the top of the guardrail. She pulled herself to the announcing tables and stood on those.

Number 27 was Carmella. She nailed a big spinning headscissor with a ton of rotations on Natalya. She was caught by Flair with Natural Selection. Flair was hit with the Glam Slam by Phoenix. Flair was sent through the ropes.

Number 28 was Tegan Nox. Everyone battled.

Number 29 was the returning Santina Marella. She and Beth met in the center of the ring. Natalya faced off with her as well. Santina looked around, pulled out the Cobra, hit herself and eliminated herself.

Number 30 was Shayna Baszler. Xia Li was tossed by Baszler. Tegan Nox was tossed after. Zelina Vega.was third. Naomi made a bridge to get back to the ring, Baszler tossed Storm. Naomi came off the top at Baszler, who avoided her. Naomi went for the Rear View and was caught and tossed. Baszler is tossing out people left and right.

Baszler battled Natalya and Phoenix. They hit her with the Hart Attack but Beth turned on Natalya and clotheslined her out of the ring. Beth and Baszler battled. Baszler tried to toss her over the ropes but Flair returned from the floor to toss them both, Baszler survived and faced off with Flair. Beth got involved but Baszler tossed her over the top.

Baszler and Flair are the final two. They battled and went over the top but Flair held on while Baszler crashed to the floor.

Your winner, Charlotte Flair!

Flair pointed to the digital Wrestlemania sign.

Charly Caruso interviewed Flair in the middle of the ring. She was asked what champion she will challenge. Flair said that since day one, she has been a diamond cut to last. Whether anyone wanted her to win or lose, tonight, she reminded everyone that this is her division.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Lacey Evans

Evans hiptossed Bayley out of the corner several times and covered her for a one count. She drilled Bayley with a series of knees across the shoulder. Bayley tried to loosen the turnbuckle pad but Evans came from behind. She went up and over and swept Bayley’s legs. She nailed an elbow. Bayley went down hard and acted like her knee was hurt, suckering Evans in.

Bayley worked her over and scored several two counts. She beat down Evans for a long time. Evans finally fired back with a clothesline out of the corner and nailed a big running knee. Evans nailed a mule kick in the corner and used the ropes to slingshot herself into a kick. She came in from the ropes and drilled Bayley, who rolled out to the floor.

Bayley threw Evans into the barricade right in front of her daughter. Bayley hit her in front of the kid and tossed her in the ring. Bayley tried to go for a suplex but Evans nailed a neckbreaker. She went for a moonsault off the top but Bayley pulled her knees up, drilled her and hooked the tights for the pin.

Your winner and still Smackdown Women’s Champion, Bayley!

WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan – Strap Match

They are strapped together. Bryan pulled Wyatt towards him and worked him over with right hands., mounting the corner and beating him. Bryan nailed a powerbomb out of the corner. He began whipping Bryan with the strap.

Wyatt worked over Bryan and headbutt him. Bryan fired back with a knee and tossed Wyatt to the floor. Bryan kicked him in the face and went for a dive but was caught and slammed into the barricade. Wyatt kept whipping him with the strap on the floor. Bryan was placed on the top rope and lashed. Wyatt tied him to the tree of woe, where Wyatt kept lashing him.

Wyatt played to the crowd and then mocked Bryan, who nailed a series of kicks. Wyatt went for Sister Abigail but Bryan kicked him and nailed a running knee for a two count. Bryan sent him over the top to the floor then hit a flying bodypress to the floor. Bryan worked him over with punches but was sent into the ring steps.

Bryan used the strap to pull Wyatt into the ring post over and over again. Bryan cut him off with a lariat and beat him over and over with the strap. Bryan was placed on the announcers’ table. Wyatt went to do a move but Bryan kicked him low several times, then grabbed him for a DDT on the table, which didn’t budge. Bryan began strapping the hell out of Wyatt over and over.

Bryan worked over Wyatt and set up for the running knee only to be caught in mid-air for Sister Abigail’s Kiss which Bryan kicked out of at the last second. Bryan slaps him and Wyatt slaps him back down to the mat. Wyatt latched on the Mandible Claw but Wyatt was maneuvered into the LeBell Lock while choking Wyatt with the strap.

Wyatt began whipping Bryan again. Bryan has a cut near his elbow. Bryan nailed a running knee for a close two count. Wyatt cut Bryan off and used the Mandible Claw and fired him to the mat with a chokeslam for the pin.

Your winner and still WWE Universal Champion, Bray Wyatt!

Lynch came out strong and sent Asuka to the floor. She went to follow but was caught with a kick to the arm. Asuka set up for a hip attack but Lynch avoided it and locked on a Disarmher in the ropes. She followed up with a missile dropkick.

Asuka caught her and nailed a neckbreaker on the ropes, then drilled Lynch on the apron. Asuka nailed a rebound dropkick out of the corner. Asuka nailed a shining wizard for a two count. Becky kicked off several charges by Asuka in a corner and drilled her with double knees and a bulldog. She nailed a dropkick for a two count.

They battled to the outside, where Lynch attempted a T-Bone Tazplex. Asuka blocked and tried to do a German suplex off the apron. Lynch blocked and picked up Asuka for a suplex but twisted and dropped her down to the floor face-first. They battled back and forth. Asuka elevated Lynch into a knee strike. She drilled Lynch to the mat for a two count.

Lynch rolled to the outside, fighting to pull herself back to her feet. Asuka controlled her and attempted to suplex her into the ring. Lynch blocked and used the ropes to drill Asuka with a kick. Lynch nailed a Rock Bottom off the ropes for a close two count.

Lynch came off the ropes but was caught with a Magnum for a two count and grabbed in an armbar. Lynch grabbed the ropes to break it. Asuka nailed a German suplex for two count. She nailed a series of Kawada kicks and they teased she KO’d Lynch. The referee was going to call it but Lynch grabbed him and refused. Asuka kept kicking her in the chest and covered her for a close two count.

Asuka went for the Asuka Lock but Lynch slipped out and went for the Disarmher. Asuka broke free and they went back and forth until Lynch slammed Asuka down for a two count. They fought to their feet and began exchanging blows. The ref was almost knocked over. Asuka went for the mist but Lynch kicked her in the face, with Asuka spewing the mist into the air. Lynch locked on the Disarmher and forced Asuka to tap.

Your winner and still Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch!

The Street Profits did their usual fun promo backstage building up the Rumble match.

It was announced Bobby Lashley and Rusev got into a fight earlier tonight and are not medically cleared for the Rumble match. That means there are five empty spots in the Rumble match.

30 Man Royal Rumble – Winner Earns Championship Match at Wrestlemania 36.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is Number One.

Elias was number two. He came out playing the guitar. He said, “Houston, we have a problem.” He said he was going to sing a song titled Sacrificial Lamb. He was knocking Brock, so Brock attacked him and tossed him in. Lesnar manhandled him and nailed a series of shoulderblocks. Lesnar nailed a big German suplex. Heyman gave him the guitar and smashed it over Elias’ back. Elias was dumped over the ropes. Well, he was right about being the sacrificial lamb.

Number three is Erick Rowan. He hit the ring and was immediately clotheslined out of the ring.

Number four is Robert Roode. He gets destroyed, hit with the F5 and taken out. Lesnar tossed him.

Number five is John Morrison. He went right after Brock but was caught and hit with an overhead belly to belly suplex, sent to the floor.

Number six is Kofi Kingston. Kofi exploded with kicks and strikes but was caught and driven into the buckles. Brock nailed him with a German suplex that flipped Kingston inside out. Brock drove him into the corner…

Number seven is Rey Mysterio. Brock manhandled them and they ended up bounced out of the ring, on the floor.

Number eight is Big E. He rallied Rey and Kofi and they hit the ring. They worked over Brock with big moves. Big E hit the Big Ending. Rey hit the 619. Lesnar exploded and knocked Big E and Rey over. He nailed an F5 over the top on Kofi.

Number nine is Cesaro. Brock quickly tossed him out as well.

Number ten is Shelton Benjamin. Heyman hugged him coming into the ring. Lesnar popped for Shelton. They hugged and shook hands. They acted like they were going to wait for the next competitor but Brock attacked him with a German suplex and dumped him. That was pretty funny.

Number eleven is WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. He was tossed.

Number 12 is MVP. He was dressed in an outfit in honor of Black Panther. MVP is local here in Houston. He chased Heyman around the ring.

Number 13 is Keith Lee. He and Lesnar faced off. Lee took him down with a pair of shoulder tackles. Lesnar was shocked. Lee splashed Brock in the corner and hit a big right hand. Lesnar was whipped into the ropes and Lee drove him down again.

Number 14 is Braun Strowman. He clotheslined everyone and dropkicked Lee, who went through the ropes to the floor. Strowman went to the floor and hit the running tackle. Strowman hit a clothesline on Lesnar. Brock came back to catch him with a German suplex on Braun, then one on Lee, then back to Strowman for another. Lee and Strowman went face to face and began brawling. Lesnar dumped them both over and nearly took himself out in the process.

Brock has now tied the elimination record at 13.

Number 15 is Ricochet. He hit a springboard into the ring but was caught and driven over Brock’s knee with a backbreaker. Lesnar nailed him with a German suplex. Lesnar kicked him as the bell ring…..

Number 16 is Drew McIntyre. Big pop for him. He and Lesnar went face to face. Brock took off his gloves as Drew trashtalked him. Ricochet kicked Lesnar low and Drew hit the Claymore kick, eliminating Brock. MASSIVE POP. Ricochet hit a missile dropkick. He went for another move but was caught and dumped by Drew.

Drew is now the only competitor in the ring.

Number 17 is The Miz. McIntyre caught him with the Future Shock DDT. He nailed the Claymore Kick and dumped Miz. Brock finally got to his feet. Drew was staring him down from the ring. Lesnar went to the timekeeper’s area and pointed at Drew.

Number 18 is AJ Styles. He and Drew battled back and forth. Drew ducked a Phenomenal Forearm and shoulder tackled Styles down. Styles tried to go for the calf crusher and took him down.

Number 19 is Dolph Ziggler. He got in Drew’s face, allowing Styles to chop block McIntyre’s knee from behind. Ziggler nailed Styles and worked on Drew, who caught him with a suplex throw that sent Ziggler across the ring. He chopped Styles and Dolph. He was aboit to toss Styles when…

Number 20, Karl Anderson, hit the ring and attacked Drew. They triple-teamed McIntyre, trying to eliminate him. Anderson nailed Ziggler with a spinebuster. He was tossed over the top but survived.

Number 21 is Edge. Guess I was right after all. Houston went legitimately insane. He nailed a series of spears on everyone. He and Styles faced off for the first time. Styles nailed the Pele Kick. Edge battled back and paired off with Ziggler.

Number 22 is King Corbin. He went right after Edge, stomping him in the corner with Ziggler. McIntyre grabbed Ziggler and tried to toss him over the top. Edge clotheslined Styles over the top, eliminating him. That would be a hell of a Wrestlemania match.

Number 23 is Matt Riddle. He controlled the ring and drilled Edgre with a Ripcord Knee but Corbin grabbed him and dumped him out to the floor.

Number 24 is Luke Gallows. Drew tossed Corbin right after he hit Edge with a Deep Six. Everyone else battled.

Number 25 is Randy Orton. He whipped out RKOs on everyone until he came face to face with Edge. They reunited their old team and tossed Gallows and Anderson.

Number 26 is Roman Reigns. He speared Ziggler and tossed him out.

Number 27 is Kevin Owens. He went right after Drew and beat him down, He nailed Cannonballs on everyone and hit a pop-up powerbomb on Drew. He went for one on Reigns who escaped but Owens nailed the stunner. Orton went for an RKO but Owens kicked him and stunned him.

Number 28 is Aleister Black. Owens and Black fought. Black nailed a big kick on Owens. He drilled a knee to Edge’s face. He wiped out Drew with a roundhouse kick. Black was the only man standing in the ring.

Number 29 is Samoa Joe. He and Black battled and threw strikes at each other.

Number is Seth Rollins. He came out with AOP and Buddy Murphy. Joe and Owens were waiting for him. He ordered his troops to attack everyone and they stomped and attacked everyone. Rollins hit the Stomp on Roman. Black nailed some big kicks on Roman but was tripped by Murphy. Seth took him out and tossed Aleister. Owens nailed a stunner and tossed Seth but the AOP caught him and tossed Rollins back in. Owens was tossed over.

Joe locked Seth in a sleeper. Rollins’ crew attacked Joe and Joe was tossed out. Joe, Owens and Black brawled with AOP and Murphy. They brawled to the back.

Rollins, Drew, Orton, Edfe are left. Seth tried to get Roman to ally with him. Roman teased it then hit a Superman Punch. Everyone hit their finishes on Rollins. Rollins was tossed.

The final four faced off. Drew and Edge brawled. Roman was sent into the ring post. Orton attacked Drew to help Edge and nailed him with an RKO. Edge nailed a spear. He and Orton nailed a double RKO on McIntyre. Orton teased an RKO oin Edge, who caught him. Edge pointed to Roman as if they were going to take him out but instead dumped Orton over the top.

Final three.

Roman and Edge battled. Roman nailed a Superman Punch. Edge leapfrogged a spear and speared Roman. He dumped him over the top but he landed on the apron. He kicked Edge and pulled him over the top to the apron. They battled on the apron and Edge was knocked off.

Roman nailed McIntyre and went to eliminate him. He went for a spear but was hit with the Claymore Kick. Roman was dumped.

Your winner, Drew McIntyre!

Credit: PWInsider.com