WWE SmackDown Results – July 29, 2022

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WWE SmackDown Results – July 29, 2022

Universal Title #1 Contenders Donnybrook Match
Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus 

Sheamus jumps Drew McIntyre on the stage, and the brawl is on right away. Drew gets sent into the ring post then they head into the ring. Sheamus laying with right hands to the body and head before Drew comes out of the corner with a clothesline to take over. More strikes from Drew, then he catches Sheamus with a Michinoku Driver for a one count. They head out of the ring, but Sheamus gets a shillelagh and chases Drew back into the ring. Drew avoids a swing, hits a back suplex, and gets the shillelagh, but Sheamus cuts him off with a kick to the gut, then the Cactus clothesline sending both men out of the ring. Drew launches Sheamus over the announce table, and the crowd chants for tables, Drew obliges them by getting one from under the ring, but Sheamus is back to attack him. Sheamus sends Drew into the ring steps and then mocks the crowd. Sheamus gets the table now and sets it up against the barricade before heading back into the ring. Another shillelagh for Sheamus, and he whacks Drew a few times with this one, then grinds it into Drew’s eye. Clubbing blows to the chest from Sheamus, he goes for the full 20 this time, then kicks Drew to the floor. Sheamus wants to suplex Drew through the table, Drew blocks it and suplexes Sheamus on the floor. Drew now tosses Sheamus into the barricade, ring steps, and ring post before launching him into a stack of barrels to send us to break.

After the break, Sheamus in control with a shillelagh, but Drew fights back only to run into a powerslam. Sheamus heads out of the ring to get a chair, then cracks Drew across the back before setting it up in a corner. The chair falls as Sheamus grabs Drew for a White Noise, but Drew fights free and posts Sheamus where the chair should have been. Now Drew fires up with clotheslines, belly-to-belly throws, and a neckbreaker. Drew heads out of the ring to get a few chairs, sending a pile of them into the ring. Sheamus grabs one of the chairs and throws it into the face of Drew, then he makes sure the chairs are all in a pile in the middle of the ring before going for a White Noise on the chairs but Drew counters into a Future Shock DDT on the chairs for a near fall. Drew fires up again, but here comes Ridge Holland with a cheap shot, Sheamus then follows up with a knee strike for a near fall. Ridge drags Drew out of the ring, but Drew posts him and then throws him through the table at ringside with a belly-to-belly suplex that sends to another commercial break.

After a break Drew & Sheamus fight on the top rope as we return, there’s also a table set up in the ring now. Sheamus punches Drew down into the tree of woe position, but Drew sits up and throws Sheamus to the mat. Drew misses a Claymore then Sheamus with an Alabama Slam for a two count. They head out of the ring again, Drew tosses Sheamus into one of the bar setups, and here’s Butch to complicate things as he dives onto Drew from a pile of barrels. Back in the ring, Sheamus is cut around his left shoulder, Sheamus hoists Drew up on his shoulders and then climbed the ropes for a second rope White Noise which gets a near fall. Bit of a “This is awesome” chant as Butch pulls a giant shillelagh out from under the ring and gives it to Sheamus. Drew avoids Sheamus and headbutts him, then whacks both Butch and Sheamus with the giant shillelagh. Drew sets for the Claymore, and Sheamus avoids him, so he kills Butch with the kick. Then Sheamus comes out of the corner with a Brogue Kick that gets a great near fall. Sheamus tries to collect himself and figure out his next move. Sheamus sets for another Brogue Kick, but Drew catches and powerbombs him through the table. Drew looks a little heartbroken as he examines his downed former friend. Sheamus crawls for the shillelagh but Drew hits Claymore while Sheamus is on his knees to get the victory.

Winner & #1 Contender to the WWE & Universal Titles at Clash At The Castle: Drew McIntyre 

After the match, Kayla Braxton interviews Drew in the ring, Drew says it didn’t have to be this way to Sheamus, but someone has to take the WWE & Universal Titles off the part-time champions, and here’s Mr. Money In The Bank Austin Theory to interrupt with a briefcase shot. Theory keeps laying in briefcase shots. Theory poses over the fallen Drew and predicts he’ll have two titles after SummerSlam.

We get a video recap of Happy Corbin & Pat McAfee’s interaction from last week before Corbin comes through the crowd with a ticket to sit behind commentary and mock McAfee as he sits in the crowd, and we head for a break.

After the break, Happy Corbin is harassing commentary as we get a recap of Roman Reigns pinning Riddle to win the main event on Raw this past Monday, plus the bunch of Stomps from Seth Rollins to Riddle, which got Riddle out of their match. Corbin is throwing popcorn at commentary as even Cole is annoyed with this. Next, they run down the SummerSlam card for us while Corbin continues to talk over the promo package loudly. Corbin stands at the barricade and throws his popcorn into McAfee’s face. Then, he jumps the barricade as Jamie Noble, Adam Pearce, and Daivari try to restore order. As they scramble around, Corbin gets behind McAfee and kicks him in the privates to send us to break.

Theory walks around the backstage area where Kayla finds him and asks him what’s up. Theory is sick and tired of being treated like a punching bag, he’s the future two-time US champion and youngest Money In The Bank winner. Guys like United States Champion Bobby Lashley, Dolph Ziggler & Madcap Moss are just jealous of him, and he’s going to cash in tomorrow night and become the new WWE & Universal Champion. Brock Lesnar might have laid him out last week, and Roman might have attacked him on Monday, but none of that will stop him from becoming champion. As Theory walks off, he runs into Paul Heyman. Heyman and Theory walk off talking as we head back to commentary. McAfee is selling the groin kick as he puts his headset back on.

Aliyah vs Shotzi Blackheart 

Aliyah & Shotzi Blackheart tie up, Shotzi gets a side headlock and shoves Aliyah around, then trash talks her. Aliyah grabs a side headlock, then a Thesz press and some mounted punches. Shotzi slams Aliyah down by the hair and starts stomping on her in the corner. Running attack from Shotzi gets a two count, then she grabs a Boston Crab, but she struggles mightily to get it on properly before Aliyah grabs at the ropes. No break from Shotzi, and Aliyah winds up kicking her free. Some rights from Aliyah as she fires up, then a running clothesline from Aliyah gets a two count. Shotzi rolls out of the ring, Aliyah then hits a Thesz press from the apron and lands more punches. Shotzi posts Aliyah then they head back into the ring. The Never Wake Up connects for Shotzi to get her the win.

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart

We get a recap of Ronda Rousey laying out Sonya Deville last week during a digital exclusive

In the back, Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey do some stare-offs, Natalya interrupts, and then here comes Sonya Deville. Ronda doesn’t have time for this nonsense and walks off as Liv calls Sonya a sore loser. Shotzi has a mic and laughs back in the ring, but before she can go on, Ronda Rousey is here to interrupt things. Ronda stalks to the ring, and orders Shotzi out. Shotzi tries a cheap shot, Ronda easily tosses her around, then sends her out of the ring. Ronda has the mic now, and she calls out Liv Morgan to show everyone why they’re the two fighting for the Smackdown Women’s Title.

Tag Team Match
Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan & Ronda Rousey vs Sonya Deville & Natalya 

Ronda Rousey & Natalya starts us off. They shove then Ronda hits a takedown. Natalya tries to tie up, Ronda grabs a hammerlock then Natalya counters into a takedown. Ronda counters into an arm wringer, and Natalya escapes but gets taken over with a headlock. Liv Morgan tags in, and hits an assisted hurricanrana leading to Natalya tagging out. Morgan with kicks to Sonya Deville, but Sonya cuts her off with strikes. Running kick from Sonya, but Morgan fights back with a mistimed shotgun dropkick. Running knee from Morgan & Ronda tags in blind then kicks Sonya down. Sonya fights to the ropes and heads out of the ring as Morgan & Ronda argue a bit over a tag. Morgan tags in, but Sonya pulls her off the apron, tosses her into the barricade, and then back into the ring. Knee from Sonya, then she tags in Natalya. Natalya with a snap suplex, then grabs a chin lock. Morgan tries to fight back, but Natalya tosses her out of the ring and then suplexes her on the floor to send us to break.

After the break, Sonya is bouncing Morgan around in the corner. Running knee from Sonya gets a two count. Natalya tags in, and they hit a double suplex on Morgan. Morgan tries to fight back, but Natalya slams her down, lands stomps, then tries the Sharpshooter but Morgan kicks free and hits a Codebreaker, she debates making a tag but instead goes for a cover that only gets 2. Morgan and Natalya start trading strikes, Natalya sends her into her corner and tags in Sonya. Sonya with some strikes, then a chin lock. Morgan fights back with strikes, but Sonya cuts her off with a roundhouse kick, Morgan replies with an enziguri, and both women are down. Morgan crawls for a tag, but decides against it, misses an ObLIVion on Sonya, but Natalya is legal, and Natalya lands a discus lariat for a near fall. Now Morgan looks for another tag, Ronda tags herself in as Morgan gets close enough, and Ronda runs wild on Sonya as Sonya tags in. Piper’s Pit to Sonya, then Ronda goes for the Armbar, but it takes too long, and Natalya gets involved. Morgan with ObLIVion to Natalya, Ronda grabs the Ankle Lock on Sonya & Sonya has to tap.

Winners By Submission: Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan & Ronda Rousey 

After the break Raw & Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos & Street Profits are having a face-off so Jeff Jarrett can give the instructions to both teams ahead of their match.

After a commercial break, here come the Raw & Smackdown Tag Team Champions, The Usos. All four men square off in the ring, Street Profits have mics, but before anything can come of that, here comes Jeff Jarrett in his ref shirt. Jarrett has a mic on his way to the ring, he’s got words for everyone. He thought it’d be a good idea for everyone to get together so they could straighten a few things out. Jarrett wants everyone to know how seriously he takes this job. Jey Uso has a mic and holds up everything, he wants to see if he’ll get DQ’d if he punches Montez Ford in the face. Jimmy Uso wants to know if it’s illegal to wrap the Raw & Smackdown Tag Team Titles around Angelo Dawkins’ head. Dawkins wants to know what’ll happen if he hits Jimmy so hard that Jimmy brings back the face paint. Ford shouts about bodies, and then they botch their catchphrase. Jarrett appreciates all that, he’s not here to contain them he’s here to let them run wild. His only job tomorrow is to count to 3, but that’s tomorrow, and as far as tonight goes, he can see these four men have outstanding issues. Well, if anyone of them feels froggy, one of them can jump. Dawkins isn’t going to jump tonight, then he and Ford jump the Usos. We get a brawl, Jarrett is happy to watch the violence but eats a superkick from Jey Uso, and the fight stops immediately. Jimmy yells at Jey, Jey apologizes then Jarrett shoves both of them. Dawkins shoves the Usos out of the ring, Ford dives onto both of them, and the Street Profits stand tall holding the Raw & Smackdown Tag Team Titles.

Next is a video recap of the feud between the New Day & Viking Raiders

After the break, Maxxine Dupri is in the back and welcomes us to the debut of the SummerSlam beachwear collection. This is a much more rapid-fire presentation with many still shots spliced in. Max Dupri is still here as well, he says they’re still seeking clients for Maximum Male Models.

Tag Team Match
New Day vs. Viking Raiders 

Xavier Woods & Erik gets us going. Woods with some strikes, but Erik cuts him off out of the corner and runs over Woods. Kofi Kingston with a blind tag, hits a springboard crossbody as he enters the ring. There was a botched hurricanrana, not sure who caused that one, but Erik recovers and floors Kofi, then tags in Ivar. Ivar unloads with strikes and then tags Erik back in. Kofi tries to fight out of the corner, but Ivar tags in and tosses Kofi out of the ring, then hits a crossbody to sandwich Kofi into the barricade as we get another break.

After the break, Ivar working a neck crank on Kofi in the ring. Kofi tries to fight back, but Ivar swats him down with rights. Kofi avoids a punch and hits an SOS to drop Ivar. Both men tag out, and Woods starts running wild. Woods dropkicks Ivar, sends Erik into the second rope, and hits a sliding dropkick to take out Ivar. Diving DDT from Woods connects, but he only gets a two-count. Erik clobbers Woods with a right hand, but Woods flips out of a back suplex, lands a kick, then tags in Kofi. Gordbuster from Woods and Kofi flies in with a splash to the back, but Ivar breaks up the pin. Ivar wipes out Woods with a wheel kick, Kofi kicks him in reply, then he rolls up Erik for 2. A knee from Erik connects, Ivar tags in and hits a seated senton, then the Viking Raiders hit a double team powerbomb on Kingston for the victory.

Winners: Viking Raiders

After the match, the Viking Raiders get their shields and chairs in the ring. Woods tries to protect Kofi but runs into a sick shield shot from Erik. Ivar tosses Kofi out of the ring, then they set to Pillmanize the leg of Woods with shield strikes to the chair. Trainers & Adam Pearce heads to the ring to try and attend to Woods as the Viking Raiders head out.

We head to our final commercial break. We’ll get Paul Heyman giving us the hard sell on SummerSlam.

After the final break, Paul Heyman is in the ring. Heyman paces for a bit before he begins speaking, and he goes to introduce himself and shakes his head at the crowd when they try to chant along with him. He serves the Tribal Chief, the one & only heavyweight champion in all sports entertainment, the greatest of all time, the Head Of The Table, and tomorrow night the last man standing. For over 700 days, Roman has been the Universal champion, an unheard of accomplishment for the last 35 years. In the last 35 years, no one has gotten to 700 days as champion, and tomorrow night Brock Lesnar tries to play spoiler, but he’ll do so over Heyman’s damn dead body. Tomorrow Roman will not pin Brock, he will not smash Brock, he will put Brock down and stand over Brock’s fallen body, and we will all be done with Brock Lesnar once and for all. That line brings out Brock Lesnar, and Heyman’s look of shock is awesome. Brock smiles on the entrance stage as he heads to the ring. Brock circles the ring before climbing into it, staring at Heyman. Heyman offers Brock the mic, Brock doesn’t seem interested, and he menaces Heyman but here’s Theory for a cheap shot, which backfires. Brock wears out Theory with the briefcase, then murders him with a few German suplexes to send Theory scampering away. But here’s Drew McIntyre from behind Theory to take his head off with a Claymore. Drew winds up staring down Brock as Heyman looks on in shock to end this week Smackdown.