WWE SmackDown Results – June 17, 2022

WWE SmackDown Results – June 17, 2022

Your announcers are Michael Cole and Pat McAfee.

There is No Chance in Hell that Vince McMahon isn’t going to start off tonight’s show and he makes his way to the ring.

Vince says it is a privilege to stand in front of the WWE Universe and a privilege to stand in Minnesota. He mentions ‘Then, Now, Forever, Together”. Vince welcomes everyone to Smackdown and then he leaves the ring.

Riddle makes his way to the ring.

Riddle says before he kicks Roman Reigns in the head and takes his title, I wanted to take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at the history between me and Roman Reigns.

Riddle says he has been waiting for this opportunity. He says his family and friends are watching at home. Riddle says that Randy is watching at home. Riddle tells Randy he has a big operation coming up and he wishes him the best of luck. Riddle says that Randy is thinking if something goes wrong and he cannot return to the ring. Riddle tells Randy that we miss him. Riddle says he does not care what shape Randy is in, he loves Randy.

For twenty years, you have been killing legends and your videos have gone viral worldwide. You even lit the Undertaker on fire. Most importantly, you sacrificed everything to entertain us. Riddle tells Randy thank you.

Tonight, I challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Title. Everyone knows I am dedicating this to his best friend, Randy Orton. When I go to the back to prepare for the biggest match of my life, I am going to play something we haven’t heard in a while and will hear it when Randy comes back.

They play Randy Orton’s entrance music.

We take a look at the feud between Baron Corbin and Riddick Moss.

Match Number One: Riddick Moss versus Baron Corbin

Moss with a back elbow and Corbin puts Moss in the corner. Moss with a punch and Corbin with a knee. Corbin with forearms. Corbin runs into a knee and Moss goes to the turnbuckles and hits a shoulder tackle. Moss with kicks in the corner and a hard Irish whip. Corbin with a punch and he chokes Moss in the ropes. Corbin with a half nelson and chin bar. Corbin with a knee to the midsection but he misses a splash into the corner. Moss with a running shoulder tackle. Moss with a running shoulder in the corner and follows with punches. Corbin misses a clothesline. Moss catches Corbin and hits a fallaway slam. Moss goes for a neck breaker but Corbin counters and sends Moss shoulder first into the ring post. Corbin goes to the floor and clotheslines Moss over the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Corbin punches Moss on the apron and Moss punches back. Corbin with a knee and he clotheslines Moss over the top rope back into the ring. Corbin puts Moss on the turnbuckles and punches Moss. Moss with forearms and he kicks Corbin. Moss with a sunset flip for a near fall. Corbin misses a clothesline but hits Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin with a choke slam. They go to the floor and Moss kicks Corbin. Corbin pulls Moss back to the floor and sends Moss into the ring post. Moss pulls Corbin out of the ring and into the announce table.

Corbin beats the referee’s count and Moss with Punchline. Moss looks around and he picks up Corbin and goes for another Punchline and hits it for the three count.

Winner: Riddick Moss

After the match, Moss takes the mic and he laughs at Corbin.

The Street Profits are in the back and Dawkins says it is a long time since they have been on Smackdown. Ford says Corbin is probably not so happy after all. Dawkins mentions the main event between Roman Reigns and Riddle. Dawkins says they are cashing all of their chips in and they are challenging the Usos for Money in the Bank.

Baron Corbin interrupts Cole and Pat and he says he has something to say.

Corbin says him and Pat have known each other for a long time. Corbin says he hears Pat criticize him and make jokes. When I was at rock bottom you coined the phrase bum ass Corbin. Then I hit it big and you still run your mouth. You criticize Happy Talk. You say I am undeserving of my pyro. You better watch your mouth. If you don’t, I will pull you over that table and drag your ass into the ring and make you wish you were dead.

Pat calls Corbin bum ass Corbin and tells him before he walks out of this arena, we were hoping that you would be laughed out of this arena. Pat wants everyone to laugh Corbin out of the building.

The New Day make their way to the ring as Corbin heads to the back.

Xavier and Kofi laugh at Corbin and Corbin walks past them.

We take a look at Ronda Rousey’s victory over Shotzi last week on Smackdown and Natalya’s post match attack.

Megan Morant is in the back with Natalya. Natalya says she is going to do more than face Ronda, she is going to beat some respect into Ronda. Ronda was screaming in pain in the Sharpshooter. The Sharpshooter is the most dangerous hold in history. We should ask Ronda how it felt. Ronda is not here tonight. You think your arm bar is special? My sharpshooter breaks bones, tears tendons, and humbles champions. My resume and pedigree. I have had more first evers in WWE history. You want to brag you never quit. I am going to be the first person in WWE history to make you tap out.

We return to see Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods still in the ring through all of what we just saw.

Match Number Two: Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods versus Jinder Mahal and Shanky

Jinder tells Shanky there is no dancing and Mahal and Woods start things off. Mahal with a slam and he poses. Mahal with kicks and an Irish whip but Woods floats over and Woofs with a springboard drop kick for a near fall. Kofi tags in and they kick Mahal and hit a double bulldog for a near fall. Shanky tags in and.misses a clothesline. Kofi with a drop kick and Shanky with a chop. Shanky with a clothesline. Shanky with an elbow in the corner and he grabs Kofi by the throat and connects with another elbow. Shanky biels Kofi across the ring.

Woods plays the trombone and Shanke gets that joy joy feeling in his feet and he has to dance. Jinder tags himself in and he yells at Shanky. Kofi with Trouble in Paradise for the three count.

Winners: Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston

We have a video for the Viking Raiders and they will be back next week.

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring and he is dressed to talk.

We are back and Adam Pearce has joined Drew McIntyre in the ring.

Sheamus is in the Gorilla Position with Butch and Ridge Holland. Sheamus tells them they have to stay in the back and he tells Ridge to put a leash on Butch.

Adam tells Drew and Sheamus they failed to qualify for the Money in the Bank match but you asked for inclusion. Adam says he understands why they are asking for the match.

Drew says nobody cares about the numbers and statistics. Drew says if he isn’t put in the Money in the Bank match, there is a 100% chance he kicks someone’s ass tonight.

Sheamus says putting Drew in the match would be one of the biggest mistakes. You would mess up your chance. Sheamus points out that he has successfully cashed in, while you have been cashed in on.

Adam points out that Seth Rollins has already qualified. You both had an opportunity last week. In case either of them forgot, we see what happened.

Adam says he has reviewed the footage and he consulted with WWE management. They have made a decision. Adam says that Sheamus is in. Drew throws his microphone away.

Sheamus asks Drew how does it feel to know that you are second best to the Celtic Warrior. I am going to Money in the Bank and you are going to be at home sitting on your arse. I am going to win and cash in the contract.

Drew punches Sheamus and clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor.

Adam tells Drew that he is in the match too.

Sheamus gets back in the ring and Drew with a Claymore.

Sami Zayn stands outside Roman’s locker room and wants to knock on the door.

Kayla Braxton ambushes Sami and reminds him about why Roman faces Riddle tonight. Kayla asks Sami if he talked to anyone in the Bloodline. Kayla asks if there is any ill will because Roman has to defend the title tonight. Sami says he is an honorary Uce so there is no ill will. Everything is great.

Kayla waits for Sami to knock on the door and Sami says he has to go to the bathroom.

Raquel says in her second match, she was so close to beating Ronda Rousey and getting the title. She says she is going to win Money in the Bank and get the title.

Lacey Evans is at the announce table to join commentary for the next match.

Ronda Rousey says Raquel will feel two types of pain. Physical pain when I tear her apart limb from limb. Emotional pain when I become Ms. Money in the Bank.

Match Number Three: Raquel Rodriguez versus Shayna Baszler in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Raquel with shoulders in the corner and Shayna goes for a knee bar but Raquel blocks it and punches Shayna. Raquel with a forearm to the back and she gets a near fall. Shayna blocks a boot and Shayna puts Raquel in the turnbuckles and Shayna works on the leg and kicks Raquel. Shayna with a forearm and kicks to the leg. Shayna with a running kick to the injured hamstring.

We see Shotzi and Aliyah in the back watching MONITOR in HALLWAY since they will be in a qualifying match next week.

Raquel with a back elbow to Shayna. Raquel with a boot for a near fall. Shayna clips Raquel and connects with a running knee to the head for a near fall. Shayna goes for the Kirifuda Clutch but Raquel backs Shayna into the turnbuckles. Raquel with the Chingona Bomb for the three count.

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez

Riddle is in the back and Shinsuke Nakamura wishes him luck as we go to commercial.

Max Dupri is in the back with Adam Pearce.

Max says his men are standing by but he won’t send his Maximum Male Models under these conditions. Max says he was promised acoustics and lighting. This will not do. You will not see their beautiful faces and hard bodies. You will fail to titillate the juices of their guilty pleasures.

We take a look at Gunther defeating Ricochet last week to become the Intercontinental Champion.

Kayla is in the back with Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser.

Kayla asks for comments but Ludwig interrupts. He says Gunther’s victory was inevitable. The Intercontinental Title belongs in his hands. This title was created in a tournament in South America and the first champion was French Canadian. The title has been held by men from many different countries. The title was besmirched by people like Ricochet and the title will never be held by an American again. The prestige will be restored and will be held by the iron grip of the man who holds the Intercontinental Championship sacred.

Gunther says he is the new Intercontinental Champion.

We go to commercial.

We are back and next week Sami Zayn will face Shinsuke Nakamura in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match. Aliyah will face Shotzi in another Qualifying Match. Gunther will defend the Intercontinental Title against Ricochet as well.

Match Number Four: Roman Reigns (with Paul Heyman and the Usos) versus Riddle for the WWE Unified Championship

Riddle with punches in the corner. Riddle with kicks after the referee warns him. Roman with an uppercut and Riddle goes down. Roman sends Riddle into the turnbuckles a few times and follows with a punch. Roman with an Irish whip and Riddle floats over and kicks Roman. Riddle with a fisherman’s buster and Roman goes to the floor. Riddle goes to the apron and kicks Roman. Riddle with a twisting Asai Moonsault.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Riddle with forearms and Roman with a punch. Roman with forearms from a mount position. Roman chokes Riddle in the ropes. Roman with a Drive By for a near fall. Roman with a cravate. Riddle with punches to try to get out but Roman with a forearm. They exchange forearms. Riddle with a Pele kick and Roman is staggered a bit. Riddle with a running forearm into the corner followed by a second one. Riddle with an exploder. Riddle goes for a back senton but Roman gets his feet up to kick Riddle away. Riddle with a back elbow and a twisting senton off the turnbuckles to Roman for a near fall. Riddle goes for an accordion knee but Roman counters with a uranage for a near fall.

Riddle rolls to the floor and Roman follows. Roman with a back drop driver onto the announce table and Roman has a message for Randy Orton.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Riddle is down and Roman points at the ceiling. We see footage of a Roman flying clothesline during the break. Roman goes for a Superman punch but Riddle with a knee. Roman with a boot and Riddle with a power slam. Riddle sends Roman to the apron for an IEDDT but Roman goes to the floor. Riddle with a back drop driver onto the announce table. Roman sends Riddle into the ring post and they return to the ring. Riddle with an IEDDT. Riddle twists to the mat and pounds it to set for an RKO but Roman blocks it. Roman with a Superman punch for a near fall. Roman decides to have some words for the fans before he signals for the spear and Riddle with an RKO for a near fall.

Riddle goes to the turnbuckles for a twisting moonsault and hits it. Riddle looks around and he sets for an RKO and Roman pushes him away. Roman spears Riddle as Riddle goes for a springboard move and he gets the three count.

Winner: Roman Reigns (retains Championship)

After the match, Roman celebrates his victory with Paul and the Usos.

Roman takes the mic and he says there is no one left. Roman tells Paul there is no one left. I told them over two years ago that I am here to wreck everyone and then I am leaving. That is what we did tonight. We wrecked Riddle and now we are leaving.

Roman says there is one thing left to do. Roman wants Minneapolis to acknowledge him.

Roman leaves the ring and . . .

Brock Lesnar’s music plays and he appears at the entrance.

Brock makes his way to the ring and he gets in Roman’s face.

Brock smiles and he offers his hand to Roman in a symbol of dilsnufusism.

Roman shakes his hand but Brock gives Roman an F-5. Brock gives Jimmy and Jey F-5s.

We go to credits.

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