WWE Star Being Compared To A Former Champion And Set To Receive Huge Push

Some of the undercard talent on WWE Raw has been gradually moving up the card.

Chad Gable is a regular on RAW. In recent weeks, he’s turned into a heel, mistreating his Alpha Academy teammates. According to Dave Meltzer, there has been speculation that Gable will eventually form a new stable with The Creed Brothers.

This week on RAW, WWE continued the conflict between Gable, Otis, Tozawa, and Maxxine Dupri by allowing Gable to express his displeasure with the group. Gable has received strong heel reactions from fans at shows, including loud “You suck” chants this week. The chants sound similar to those given to WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. Many fans on social media noticed that this was highlighted on WWE’s social media pages, so it appears that they are running with it.

Samantha Irvin commented on WWE’s tweet: “Reminds me of something.”

Kurt Angle stated on his podcast that he is open to returning to WWE TV as Gable’s manager. Kurt responded, “If I were going to do it, it has to be worth it to me.”

Meanwhile, Otis is receiving monster babyface reactions, and fans sympathize with Tozawa and Maxxinei Dupri, so this storyline appears to be elevating everyone involved.