WWE Star Reveals Unseen Vignette For Short-Lived Gimmick

Countless gimmicks have been developed, launched, and quickly abandoned in the WWE for a variety of reasons, including creative license violations or Vince McMahon simply changing his mind.

Carmella has been out of action since March 2023, when she announced her pregnancy. She had a baby boy in November, but she is still dealing with nerve damage in her foot from the birth. During her WWE career, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion has used a variety of gimmicks, including the ‘Untouchable’ gimmick.

Carmella debuted the new gimmick in 2020, promoting herself as ‘Untouchable,’ but the gimmick was short-lived, and she returned to her ‘Princess Of Staten Island’ roots just months later.

However, when responding to a fan on Twitter last week, she stated that she did not want a new character at that time. Today, she shared the introduction segment to the character she created, but it has never seen the light of day until now.