WWE Supports Vince McMahon In Janel Grant Lawsuit

WWE supports Vince McMahon in his ongoing lawsuit with Janel Grant.

The company filed a memorandum in support of Vince McMahon’s “Statement Of Undisputed Material Facts” For Janel Grant Lawsuit.

“WWE disputes Grant’s allegations. But, as a threshold matter, this dispute cannot be heard in court because Grant agreed to arbitrate her claims. WWE therefore moves to compel this action to arbitration,” WWE stated in the filing.

If the case were to move to arbitration, it would mean that the lawsuit would move to private mediation, and thus, out of public court.

The three defendants in the lawsuit, WWE, Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis, all support taking things in this direction.

WWE’s statement continued, “Simply put, Grant has no claims actionable in this Court because the separation and non-disclosure agreement she signed with McMahon and WWE (the “Agreement”)—the monetary benefits of which she concededly accepted and retained—contains an arbitration provision that unambiguously precludes this Court from adjudicating her claims.”

Additionally, WWE stated which parts of the dispute should be handled in arbitration that should ultimately be decided by an arbitrator.

“This action should be compelled to arbitration. The Agreement—which Grant concededly negotiated, signed, and accepted the benefits of—contains a clear and unambiguous arbitration provision. That provision requires not only that all claims Grant asserts here be decided in arbitration, but also that the threshold question of the arbitrability of those claims be decided by an arbitrator. The Court should grant WWE’s motion to compel arbitration and order that the claims proceed to arbitration, as the parties intended and as the Agreement requires.”