Zilla Fatu Discusses Changes To The Bloodline, How It Has Opened A Lot Of People’s Eyes

(Photo Credit: ROW)

Umaga’s son, Zilla Fatu, recently spoke with MuscleManMalcolm on a number of topics including the changes to The Bloodline on WWE TV and how it has opened a lot of people’s eyes.

Fatu said, “I think it’s dangerous, I think it’s definitely opened a lot of people’s eyes because it’s like, with The Bloodline story, there’s so many perspectives, so many opinions, so may outlooks with this story.”

“What makes this story so beautiful and so legendary, there’s no belt involved, everybody is going for that necklace. It’s very important, everybody wants to be number one, everybody feels like they’re the only one, but they’re not the main one, you know what I’m saying. All I’ve got to say is, stay tuned.”

You can check out Fatu’s comments in the video below.