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It was announced this week that the TruTV cable network has picked up “Hardcore Pawn: Chicago,” the latest series from TNA executive Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey’s production company. Here is the official synopsis of the show, courtesy of Hardcore Pawn: Chicago takes viewers behind the scenes at “the baddest pawn shop in Chicago.” One of the city’s largest and oldest establishments in the pawn and gold-buying business, Royal Pawn Shop is owned by Randy and Wayne Cohen, two brothers who d on’t always see eye to eye, exceptRead More
Bret Hart
WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart and Lanny Poffo shoot on the WWE creative team, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Warrior and more.Read More
- Dakota Darsow is said to be an Eric Bischoff project as Bischoff has been trying to get the former WWE developmental talent a contract with TNA. – TNA is building to a match between Al Snow and Joey Ryan. The feud began as Taz vs. Ryan but Taz won’t wrestle under any circumstances due to being out of the ring for so long and neck problems that caused him to retire years ago. – Bully Ray is expected to stay with TNA after receiving a better offer from theRead More
- As mentioned on Monday, Ric Flair’s daughter Ashley reported to WWE developmental last week and was spotted at live events over the weekend. Since signing with WWE a few months ago, she has been in Charlotte, North Carolina training under George South. South previously worked with Richie Steamboat before he went to WWE developmental. has photos of Ric Flair’s daughter Ashley which you can view at this link or by visiting PWMania’s specials page. – Mick Foley continues to give big props to World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus.Read More
Dixie Carter revealed via Twitter that another person will step up and take control of TNA Wrestling while Hulk Hogan is recovering. Here is what she wrote. “While Hulk Hogan is recovering, I’ve asked another man to step in and take control. He appears right at 8/7 Central on @SpikeTV tomorrow.” Moments after, Eric Bischoff chimed in on Twitter and wrote, “It’s about to get real interesting!”Read More
- Sources within TNA Wrestling have confirmed that Bully Ray and Devon’s respective contracts with the organization will expire in four to five weeks. Both wrestlers have been negotiating new contracts with management but no movement has been made towards agreements being reached. Bully Ray underwent an incredible career resurgence after retooling his character following the split of Team 3D in late 2010. Likewise, Devon underwent a career rebirth following the split and now reigns as Television Champion. Both assist young talent, with Bully Ray working behind the scenes asRead More

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Latest On WWE’s Planned nWo DVD; Documentary Confirmed

- A synopsis for WWE’s planned nWo DVD and Blu-ray set is now out, revealing the format of content included. The title is scheduled for a November 2012 release as a three-disc DVD, and two-disc on Blu-ray. The blurb reveals that the set will include a new documentary on the history of the nWo, as the main feature of the title. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are also mentioned and the rest of the set will consist of matches and moments from nWo’s run in WCW and WWE. Here isRead More
Joshua Modaberi recently interviewed Bobby Roode before Sunday’s Destination X pay-per-view. Here are some highlights. If he was inspired by any Canadian wrestlers: “Bret Hart obviously paved the way for all of us Canadians getting into the business, and I was a huge Bret Hart fan and enjoyed watching him wrestle. Whenever the big shows came to my hometown my parents would always buy front row tickets. So, I not only got to experience it on television but got to experience it live as well.” Working with Hulk Hogan, EricRead More
Josh Modaberi recently spoke with WWE Hall of Famer JJ Dillon, here are some highlights: Working for Vince McMahon as a front office executive: “Vince was the first to have a vision once the Turner cable network started up and began showing wrestling nationally as an alternative product to all the little territories as we had known before. Vince had this vision and saw what was coming and he pioneered it, I often wonder what if it hadn’t been Vince McMahon, what if it had been Bill Watts, Jimmy CrockettRead More

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Eric Bischoff Produced Reality Show Scores Good Ratings

A Discovery channel press release at The Futon Critic says that The Devil’s Ride, produced by Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey, earned a 1.07 rating with 1.49 million viewers last night. The show earned a 0.99 rating among men 25-54, which made it the #2 original primetime cable show in that demographic. It airs Tuesday nights at 9 PM CT, right after Deadliest Catch.Read More

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Hulk Hogan Calls Scott Steiner A Liar, Confirms Legal Situation

We noted earlier that Scott Steiner was accusing Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff of having their lawyers contact him about the recent war of words they have had on Twitter. Hogan says those were TNA’s lawyers that contacted Steiner. Hogan wrote on Twitter: “Tried to be cool,not only a clown but also a liar.those weren’t my lawyers they were TNA lawyers.well I guess it’s time to call my guys in,” “I really hope he saved his money or is making tons from the independents he’s working because it’s gonna getRead More
Scott Steiner has returned on Twitter to reveal why he has been absent from the social media website for the last few days. Apparently Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s lawyers have reached to Steiner regarding his tweets: Havent tweeted lately bcuz I got a letter from a lawyer representing hogan n bitchoff basically saying They take my tweets seriously and if threats continue they will take to law enforcement….really hogan my Tweets scare you,Ive said worse in interviews on tv,LOL,I want to thank you bcuz your actions speak Louder thanRead More
- Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling scored a 1.11 rating with 1.53 million viewers. The rating was up from recent weeks. Last week’s episode drew a 0.98 rating with 1.4 million viewers. The episode the week before scored a 0.99 rating with 1.453 million viewers. – Scott Steiner continues to urge fans on Twitter to change the channel whenever Hulk Hogan or Eric Bischoff appeared on screen. Here is one of his latest tweets. “Pritchard is going to use open fight night to bring in somebody elses son,will let youRead More
Scott Steiner is back with some more epic reading material – revealing new details about Eric Bischoff’s involvement in the Gold Club Atlanta strip club scandal. Steiner talks about Eric Bischoff and his wife talking strippers to a hotel for some late night activities – and the only reason this information got out is because Bischoff is a bad tipper: Bitchoff also said in interview Im going thru a mid-life crisis and im a drug abuser,pretty stupid statement. Since his business partner Hogan recently did a sex video and hesRead More

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Possible TNA Departure, Kurt Angle Gets The Weekend Off

- TNA officials gave Kurt Angle the weekend off so he won’t be appearing at the Northwestern live events. – TNA has removed Eric Bischoff and Anarquia from their roster page. Bischoff’s removal is part of the storylines but it appears Anarquia may have been released.Read More

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Official Impact Wrestling Preview For Tonight

The following is from Preview Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c. If you can’t watch it Thursday, make sure to set your DVR to record it so you don’t miss any of the action. – Thursday’s IMPACT will feature the aftermath from the Lockdown Pay-Per-View event! – After Lockdown ended, IMPACT WRESTLING General Manager Hulk Hogan says he has a major announcement to make on Thursday’s broadcast! What does The Immortal One have planned? Tune in and find out! – After defeating “Cowboy” James Storm on SundayRead More

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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 4/26

April 26th IMPACT Wrestling -Jeremy Borash comes out and calls out Eric Bischoff for his tweets against him. Jeremy Borash wants a match and because of tonight’s rules, Eric Bischoff has to accept. Before they can get it on, Bully Ray attacks Jeremy Borash allowing Bischoff to get the pin. Bischoff takes a pic of Borash with his camera phone to post on Twitter. -Devon came out for his first title defense. He announces he will defend the TV Title against his former Tag Team partner in Bully Ray. -DevonRead More

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Official Impact Wrestling Preview; The Aftermath Of Lockdown

The following is the official Impact Wrestling preview from Preview Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c. If you can’t watch it Thursday, make sure to set your DVR to record it so you don’t miss any of the action. – Thursday’s IMPACT will feature the aftermath from the Lockdown Pay-Per-View event! – After Lockdown ended, IMPACT WRESTLING General Manager Hulk Hogan says he has a major announcement to make on Thursday’s broadcast! What does The Immortal One have planned? Tune in and find out! – After defeatingRead More

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Former TNA Star At Lockdown PPV, Eric Bischoff Gone From TNA

- Per the stipulations, Eric Bischoff has been written out of the TNA storylines after his team lost the Lethal Lockdown match to Team Garett Bischoff at tonight’s Lockdown pay-per-view. The other stipulation was Eric is no longer allowed to use the Bischoff name in business. – At the TNA Lockdown pay-per-view, Chris Harris was making it pretty obvious to fans that he was in the crowd. Chris Harris is formerly one-half of the tag team America’s Most Wanted along with partner and former TNA World Heavyweight Champion James Storm.Read More