Eric Bischoff Talks About Jade Cargill Possibly Leaving AEW For WWE

What does Eric Bischoff think of the Jade Cargill rumors?

During the latest installment of his Strictly Business podcast, the former WCW Executive Vice President and WWE Hall of Fame legend spoke about rumors of Jade Cargill going from AEW to WWE in the near future.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the episode where he touches on this topic with his thoughts.

On how he’s unsure if the rumors are confirmed but if so he’s very happy for Cargill and thinks WWE will be great for her: “Happy for her if it’s true, happy for WWE if it’s true. I say if it’s true because every report I’ve read so far, and there’s only been a handful because it’s relatively new information, is being reported. It’s not confirmed, it’s just being reported. Let’s just see. Jade, maybe I’ve met her but I don’t know her at all, I don’t think I’ve ever had a real conversation with her. This would be an absolutely amazing opportunity for her. It’s a risk, there’s no doubt it will be a risk for her because she’s walking into an environment, she’s still relatively green, right? She’s been around for just a few years in a early stage company, meaning it’s not a touring company, there’s not four or five nights on the road, it’s not the same kind of workload as WWE. There’s going to be a major transition there, but if she’s a young woman that’s confident in herself, and I believe her to be just following her on social media. If she’s got the confidence and the determination, this could be massive for her. It could set her up for her life.”

On how he thinks it is unfortunate for AEW but life goes on: “As far as AEW goes, it’s hard to say. Why was she even in this position? Why was she able to negotiate? There may be a good reason for it, there may be a bad reason for it. We don’t know, and it’s hard to speculate on things you don’t know. I would imagine with all of the other news floating around, Tony doesn’t really need one more negative dirt sheet news story. It’s unfortunate for AEW but hey, life goes on. Who knows, Edge could be in AEW by this time tomorrow.”

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