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Posted On January 1, 2013By George CushnieIn Columns

FATP: Reviewing the WWE Year Part 2 (July – December 2012)

Welcome to the 1st FATP of 2013! Hopefully you all had a great Christmas and if you need some reading material while you’re nursing a New Years Eve hangover, then sit down with a strong cup of coffee, put your feet up and enjoy! Thanks for the tremendous feedback/comments/tweets I got about the FATP Awards that I posted on Christmas Day. I put a lot of hard work into it, so I’m glad you lot enjoyed my winners and losers of 2012! Now that we’re in to a brand newRead More
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Posted On November 25, 2012By David DavisIn Columns

Death of Wrestling: Cardiac Arrest

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this regularly, you will know that this is not a blog about bashing wrestling; it’s a blog of a frustrated fan, who loves the business and wishes that each week it could be a little better. In recent weeks the wrestling world has been abuzz with their thoughts on one major incident: CM Punk and Paul Heyman’s mocking of Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s heart attack… The majority of comments have beenRead More

Posted On September 12, 2012By Geddy CahoonIn Columns

The Cahoon Run Down: Jerry Lawler and the Reality of Wrestling

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here after a one week break with another edition of The Cahoon Run Down. With school starting up again and things in my life a little bit more hectic than usual, I always preface my articles with a sort of disclaimer that the consistency of my writing may falter just a tad in the coming months. Each week I’ll always attempt to crap something out, but I’d rather not write at all than phone it in. Anyways, this past Monday on RAW fans in attendance asRead More
Around 9 p.m. ET Monday night, I started penning this very edition of The Commentary. It was to focus on CM Punk’s impact off the bat at the show’s start, interrupting the legendary Bret Hart in Montreal and entering to boos. It was to focus on the excellent usage of Paul Heyman, who even with doing little, added so much more depth to Punk’s heel persona. Hell, it was even to discuss how unwarranted Alicia Fox’s sudden heel turn was, and how frustrated I am with the lack of directionRead More

Posted On September 11, 2012By Michael GroomsIn News

Jerry Lawler Has Health Scare During RAW

According to fans in attendance at tonight’s RAW from Montreal, Jerry Lawler collapsed during commentary during the Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Titus O’Neil & Darren Young match. Michael Cole and Lawler both went silent on commentary and several fans at ringside looked concerned. Cole resumed commentary after a few minutes but it was clear he was shaken up. Paramedics were attending to Lawler at ringside before the commercial. Earlier in the night, Lawler competed in a tag match. UPDATE: Latest On Jerry Lawler’s Condition Following Collapse During WWE RawRead More
Tonight’s Labor Day edition of WWE RAW takes place from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. The top three stars in WWE’s advertising for tonight are WWE Champion and hometown hero CM Punk, John Cena and Daniel Bryan. At one point, Punk and Cena vs. Big Show and John Laurinaitis was advertised for tonight. Confirmed for tonight’s show is week two of the anger management skits with Bryan and Kane. Expected for tonight is a big hometown angle with CM Punk following the second beatdown on Jerry Lawler last week.Read More
- Jim Ross, who many perceive has been subject to on-air ridicule by WWE brass, addressed fan concern regarding bullying on company programming in a Twitter post Thursday. He wrote, “Find it amazing that some fans cannot separate a fictitious, pro wrestling villain w/ real, every day life bullying. @WWE=entertainment, FYI.” Vickie Guerrero, whose physical appearance has been subject to ridicule on WWE programming on numerous occasions, re-tweeted the message in agreement. Though Guerrero publicly takes the on-air derision in stride, broadcaster Jerry Lawler was issued a directive by managementRead More
- CM Punk’s apparent blade job on Monday’s RAW was being talked about backstage among the wrestlers, according to PWInsider. They added that Punk continuing to refer to himself as a wrestler, being a hardcore heel to Jerry Lawler and bleeding in the main event has led to hope that part of RAW will start to have a harder edge to it. – Regarding Cameron’s DUI arrest, reports that the feeling within WWE is that she probably would have been fine with management if not for the story comingRead More
It was a move that we used to see every week but rarely see on WWE TV these days, WWE Champion CM Punk reportedly bladed on Monday’s RAW during the steel cage match against Jerry Lawler. Punk appeared to gig his forehead before returning to the cage a second time and then appeared to hand the blade off to referee Charles Robinson, according to F4WOnline. We have not heard anything about Punk getting any backstage heat for the blade job, a sign of Punk’s status behind the scenes. Blading isRead More
- Actor Terry Crews revealed during a fan chat with that he has talked with WWE officials regarding a potential role. “I’m talking to the WWE about doing some things,” Crews said. “I love the energy and excitement and the live component. It’s theater on a grand scale!” Crews, who appears on the NBC reality program Stars Earn Stripes with WWE Diva Eve Torres, attended the WWE SummerSlam VIP Kick-Off Party at Beverly Hills Hotel two weeks ago. He also appeared in the 2008 movie Get Smart with DwayneRead More

Posted On August 28, 2012By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: Raw 1005 Analysis

Jerry Lawler gets in the ring to open the show and demands an apology from CM Punk. Punk comes out and refuses to apologize and says he was doing what he needed to do as WWE Champion. He challenges Lawler to a fight and lets him think about it. ^I’m sure a lot of people considered this segment boring, but I enjoy Jerry Lawler more in rivalry than on commentary. I know the guy is 60+ years of age, but that doesn’t mean he can’t jump in the ring andRead More
After this week’s episode of RAW went off the air, Jerry Lawler eventually left the ring while John Cena remained at ringside. The Big Show made his way down to the ring and cut a promo saying that he and John Cena had unfinished business. Show then said that the crowd didn’t deserve to see him fight, and started make his way out of the ring. The referee rings the bell, and Cena dragged Big Show back into the ring. Show dominated the majority of the match, with Cena eventuallyRead More
Several WWE Superstars took to their Twitter accounts to speculate on what Triple H will say when he kicks off this Monday’s RAW from Milwaukee and address his WWE future. Here are their Tweets below: Jerry Lawler: “Alotta buzz about what HHH might say tomorrow night on RAW. I sure hope The Game doesn’t decide to hang em’ up. CM Punk, respect = HHH.” Alicia Fox: “Tweet tweet…. Counting down the hours until HHH tells the Universe that ‘his boots weren’t made to collect dust on a shelf’! #RawForAReason” Layla:Read More
- WWE NXT star Big E. Langston was back in action at Saturday night’s RAW live event in Peoria, Illinois. Langston defeated Jack Swagger but was attacked by Wade Barrett after the match. Barrett cut a promo about how he was going back to his roots of bare-knuckle fighting. Barrett then let the fans pick his match for later on. Barrett then defeated Curt Hawkins in a Street Fight. – Mick Foley’s book titled “A Most Mizerable Christmas” will now be released on October 1st. The book features WWE SuperstarsRead More

Posted On August 23, 2012By Adam HopsonIn Columns

Adzop: No Universal Opinions in the WWE Universe

In days gone by, the WWE storylines have largely been based on ‘Good vs Evil’. Even during the famed ‘Attitude Era’ – prior to which, Vince McMahon himself stated that WWE’s fans were ‘tired of having their intelligence insulted’ and that ‘the era of good guys versus bad guys is definitely passé’ – we still, for the most part, had a fairly clear delineation between which guys were ‘good’ and which guys were ‘bad’ – a heel turn or a babyface turn was still recognised as a significant event, and,Read More
The August 20th WWE RAW did a 3.14 rating with 4.47 million viewers, up from the previous week. The show opened with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman at a 2.97 rating, significantly higher than usual. In the segment breakdown, the six-man match with R-Truth, Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara vs. Darren Young, Titus O’Neil and Cody Rhodes gained 9,000 viewers. The Ryback squash and backstage segment with Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho gained 198,000 viewers. The Alberto Del Rio segment gained 33,000 viewers while Del Rio vs. Randy Orton gainedRead More
Hello all, Geddy Cahoon here once again with another edition of The Cahoon Run Down. For the second week in a row, I actually had a pretty good idea of what to write about for my article. Last week it was CM Punk, this week it’s two WWE TV personalities who have been a thorn in my proverbial side for a very long time: AJ Lee and Jerry Lawler. There’s not much else to say here, other than that I may get unapologetically enraged over the course of this article,Read More
- PWInsider reports that the CM Punk and Jerry Lawler stuff is being done so the two can have a match. That match will likely take place on next week’s RAW from Milwaukee. – Damien Sandow will be making a special appearance at the NXT live event on September 7th from the Orlando Armory in Orlando, Florida. – WWE’s shop website has released new women’s and youth t-shirts, a Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night cowboy hat and more new Superstar themed school supplies. – Former WWE star Chris Masters continues toRead More
- Despite being featured in the graphic for last night’s #1 contenders battle royal on RAW, WWE Divas Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix weren’t even backstage. – Right after RAW ended last night, WWE Champion CM Punk said “respect” on the microphone before walking off and leaving Jerry Lawler lay. WWE’s website has footage of the moment. The interviewers caught up with Punk backstage shortly after. Punk said Jerry Lawler got what he deserved and from now on, everyone is going to get the same for turning their backRead More