AEW Star Calls Screenshots From Vince McMahon’s Sex Trafficking Lawsuit “Toxic”

AEW star Jeff Jarrett recently spoke on his podcast, “My World with Jeff Jarrett,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including The Rock being a board member of TKO:

“When you drill it right down, The Rock is the most powerful man in wrestling today.”

On what he would like to see in the Royal Rumble going forward:

“I thought, okay, the TNA Women’s champ I thought got a heck of a reaction. Why not use multiple promotions around the world to not just have one. Instead of using old vets or talent from yesteryear, start plugging in talent from multiple promotions. I guess you could say, use the forbidden door across the board on both the men’s and women’s.”

On Bron Breakker:

“He was bitten by the bug early. That’s what’s in our DNA at the end of the day. So for him to be bit by the bug and obviously really committed to this industry, I mean, he loves it in NXT, grinding away, doing what he needs to do, getting better each day. Obviously, we both know the folks down there that run it. Is it perfect? No, but what an opportunity. He’s got the passion and drive that it takes. The door was closed, it appears, with the Brock situation, but what a door that was open for Bron and he came in and he seized it. To me, it was just a matter of time, but the timing of all this, can you imagine Bron on the stage of WrestleMania with Gunther and if Gunther is gonna lose the title, I mean, at some point Roman has to lose. It’s best for business as they say, and Gunther has to lose. What an upside to put Bron over. I mean, what a tremendous upside. He (Gunther) will be WWE Champion inside of 12 months.”

The most recent Vince McMahon allegations:

“The screenshots that I read, it was toxic, it was unbelievable and hard to wrap my head around all of it. It is disturbing and for all intents and purposes, it’s the end of an era and it is a new day in the professional wrestling business. The joke was he was going to die in that seat, but the tragedy of how the man, Vince McMahon, sits today is unbelievable.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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