AEW Star Defends Tony Khan’s Twitter/X Activity, Says Khan “Can Do Whatever He Wants”

As previously reported, AEW President Tony Khan brought up the fact that Jinder Mahal hasn’t won a televised match in a year when discussing Mahal’s potential world title match on WWE RAW. Former WCW president Eric Bischoff and former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman were among those who publicly reacted to Khan.

During an interview with Adrian Hernandez, AEW star Daniel Garcia addressed Khan’s Twitter/X activities.

“A lot of people don’t like what Tony says on Twitter, but it’s his company first and foremost, he can do whatever he wants. He’s the one putting the money behind this company, he’s paying all of our salaries, that’s on him. It’s great to know that you have somebody willing to put themselves out there and fight for his team. That’s what I love most about it. He says whatever he wants because he really believes in use and he knows we can back it up.”

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