Akira Calls Out Jon Moxley And Josh Barnett

Akira spoke to the media before MLW’s Kings Of The Colosseum live event on Saturday night.

He spoke about his time wrestling in Japan, where he debuted for DDT and went undefeated in BJW during his tour there.

Akira also spoke about his upcoming Tapeai Death Match for the MLW Openweight Championship against Rickey Shane Page and his ongoing feud with him and The Calling.

Later when asked about wanting to be in Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport, Akira replied, “Josh, you know me, and we’ve talked about it, let’s do the damn thing! Yo, give me Mox! He keeps ducking me. He can talk about me, but he can’t face me one-on-one. Where you at?”

He continued, “If you (Jon Moxley) aren’t going to face me at Bloodsport, then face me in Big Japan. Let’s do smart business for pro wrestling, and I’ll beat the piss out of you in front of those fans. You want to be ultra-violent; BJW is where to do it, if not at Bloodsport!”

Akira’s intentions are clear, and the challenges have been laid down.

Will Josh Barnett and Jon Moxley answer them?