Backstage News On CM Punk Leading Talent Meeting At Recent AEW Collision Taping

AEW Collision is built around CM Punk to keep him away from those in the company who don’t like him, as they’re mostly kept on Dynamite, and Punk appears on the Saturday show the majority of the time.

AEW has done a number of things to distinguish Collision from Dynamite.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reported on a talent meeting ahead of the AEW Collision event on July 8. The meeting, according to the report, was primarily about “how Collision has differentiated itself from Dynamite to the point to where many of Dynamite’s usual detractors have taken to liking Collision.”

Some AEW talent who wasn’t present were unaware of the meeting. CM Punk led the meeting, and several topics were brought up and discussed regarding how the show could differentiate itself from Dynamite, including the outcomes of some matches.

The meeting also went over what was and wasn’t good for Collision, such as finishes. The discussion also included how AEW pushed its projects and shows. During the meeting, some safety guidelines were also discussed.