Backstage News On Vince McMahon’s Attitude Towards Making Last-Minute WWE Changes

The influence of Vince McMahon on WWE creative is expected to grow as the Endeavor Group’s acquisition of WWE approaches. The merger with the UFC is expected to be completed later this year, with major changes affecting RAW and NXT.

McMahon has been making more changes to the product since WrestleMania 39, though mostly remotely.

McMahon reportedly had his fingerprints all over the show going into Monday’s RAW. He made significant changes to last Monday’s RAW and last Friday’s SmackDown a week ago.

Aside from the reports, another indication of McMahon’s influence on the product is Tommaso Ciampa dying his beard as McMahon dislikes people with gray hair on television.

Dave Meltzer reported some additional insight into McMahon’s mindset regarding making changes in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. McMahon believes he knows the business and is doing the best he can.

According to one source, “He believes in what he says. Is he wrong all the time? No. Actually he’s not. He’s actually got better input than most would believe. Is it all good? No, he’s stuck on certain mindsets that are long gone, and it could be damaging. It’s not the interference itself that is the problem. It’s how and when he does it.”

The individual stated that if he had put all of this input in the night before or the morning of the show, it would be different, but he’s making changes hours before the show goes live, causing chaos.