Booker T: “Can You Imagine The Praise I Would Get From WWE If I Beat The Hell Out Of Ryback?”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently spoke on his podcast, “the Hall of Fame,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including Ryback challenging him to a fight:

“Ryback put a challenge out to me for a fight. He said a Bellator fight. Look, Bellator don’t want no parts of a fight between Booker T (and Ryback). Reality of Wrestling might put something on like that, but no real big organization is going to do anything like that, but as far as the challenge goes, I accept Ryback’s challenge to a fight. Now, this is what I need Ryback to do. Just go out on his platform and say anytime he sees Booker T in public, it’s on, the green light between both of them and nobody’s gonna get sued. If we just happen to run into each other and something happened to happen, it just happened. Let’s just say that, but I’m not gonna go looking for a fight or anything. That’s just not me. Because you know, you’ve never call a person out to a fight. You never know what a person is capable of. But as far as defending yourself, oh my God, man. I’m always about defending myself”

“I want to get it out there. You know what the thing is, I don’t even know why he called me out. I did say I wouldn’t shake his hand because of some words that he said. I think I was valid for that. Be that as it may, what his excuse was, the reasons, he said, I did say when he posted the thing that he was going to AEW, come on man, quit playing. It’s one of those types, but that’s all it was. It was just sarcasm. It was nothing, no more than that. But to get called out to a fight and to be called the B word and the P word, that’s something you don’t call a brother. You don’t do that. You never hear me curse and talk down, derogatory towards people. That’s just not me, man. When someone says that about me, it is on when I say it’s on. It’s as simple as that. The thing is, I’m an easy man to find. I’m at all the cards. I’m at all the big shows, so, show up.”

“Can you imagine the praise I would get from WWE if I beat the hell out of Ryback? I’m not advocating for it, I’m just saying I would have a 15-year contract added on just for good measure. (he laughs)

“What would be my advice to Ryback more than anything is think about the future, bro. Honestly, you know, I did say I would defend myself and I do accept the challenge, but look, you need to get past this. You need to think about life. To call people out to a fight so the fans that you’re talking with have something to listen to, bro, it just ain’t the way to go.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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