CM Punk Rejected WWE’s Pitch To Create A Song Similar To Cult Of Personality

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Living Colour’s Corey Glover talked about the song Cult of Personality being used for CM Punk in WWE and AEW since 2011 during an interview on the Drinks With Johnny podcast.

“Back in the day when Punk was first going to WWF, they were like, ‘Okay, so we’re gonna get you your own entrance music.’ He’s like, ‘No, I already have entrance music.’ He made it a point that I’m not changing my entrance music. Because they had their own music division of the WWF and they were gonna have somebody make up a song that sounded similar to Cult of Personality. But that was gonna be his entrance music. ‘No, I don’t want that. I want the real thing.’ He’s like one of the talent that actually got that in his contract that wherever he goes, that goes with him… Car payments are good because of CM Punk (he laughed).”

“I am now (a pro wrestling fan) now that (CM) Punk’s around. Yeah, sure. And then to find out that this guy, who went from backyard to the WWE, WWF to back to (AEW) and then back to WWE and the whole time, he never let go of Cult of Personality as his entrance music, and the way he tells it was like, when he was in Little League in the suburbs of Chicago, the team’s entrance music was Cult of Personality. Evidently, they had a very progressive coach and he really dug the song. So he kept it his whole career.”

You can check out the interview below:

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