Former WWE Announcer Calls Darby Allin’s Glass Spot At Revolution “So Unnecessary”

Former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman commented on Darby Allin’s glass spot from the 2024 AEW Revolution PPV event through a series of Twitter/X posts.

“Ok AEW army come after me. This is bananas and SO unnecessary. Can someone please teach the writers and Tony Khan that if you tell a good story you don’t have to do that crap and damn near kill yourself. Other than Mick Foley find any videos of a top star from WWE doing anything this reckless. I am all about getting talked about after a show but my god. If he hits one of those chairs he could have paralyzed himself and broken his back. Tell a story and make the fans care. Then this won’t have to happen or even be talked about doing.”

“I know many of you are saying ‘if he wants to kill himself that’s on him and I am here for it’. Don’t hear yourselves when you write this stuff. I never said there aren’t risks in wrestling but there are some risks (like this one) that out everyone in danger including the people close to it cause that glass looks real to me. In one kids eye and would you write the same thing. Man wrestling twitter sometimes gets me scratching my head.”