Former WWE Writer Addresses The One Area He Feels WWE Is Lacking

Former WWE creative writer Freddie Prinze Jr. recently spoke on his podcast, “Wrestling with Freddie,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including the WWE product today.

Prinze Jr. said, “Everything’s changing — it’s the ‘Triple H Era.’ We’ve really seen that over the last few weeks in the stories that they’ve been telling. Everybody’s getting a story now. … That has not [always] been the case, alright? Legado [Del Fantasma] and LWO would just be having matches. They wouldn’t be getting designated backstage segments, where they’re talking about the reason why they’re fighting.”

On where he feels WWE is lacking:

The only places where they’ve dropped the ball a little is on getting talent.” “I think not getting Will Ospreay was a mistake, but outside of that, man — I can’t say enough good things about where wrestling is going.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.