Ice Cube’s Son Receives Hateful Message After Saying He Hates AEW’s “Miserable Faceless Fans”

Rapper Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr. spoke with Chris Van Vliet about “riling up” AEW fans on social media. Here’s what O’Shea stated, via

“I don’t mean to. But like, the issue I have is okay for people who don’t watch anything besides the two. Whether you’re you’re younger or older stuck in your ways, if I’m watching someone on AEW, and I as who is this guy? I don’t need you to tell me I’m not a real wrestling fan to tell me how could you not know such and such? Who gives a damn? Like I need you to inform me bro. Or at least have your programme and in a way to let people know why you should love this dude, why you should f*ck with this guy. That’s something that I feel like is missing. Konnan, when I was on his podcast he brought up when you watch UFC and they give you a little backstory about this dude backstory about that dude. What this guy’s had to go through what he’s done and vice versa. And then they put them in the room and they cuss each other out. And then by watching those videos you’ve picked a side us of who you’re with. What they have is this this nice group of people who watch all of these wrestling shows and they’re already in the know so when they see these names together, it is a dream match for them. But you’re trying to sell this to American television baby. You got to move that up a little bit, you got to give me some cinema to follow, something to hold on to besides the announced team running down a list for me while there’s dudes walking down the ramp. And I feel like that’s missing it when you are trying to get involved and trying to really give something a chance and when you question it even a little bit and you get 80 no faced accounts coming at you at any given time you like me f*ck this noise bro. I’m gonna cool off of it if y’all like it I don’t.

I have people over there that are that I’m cool with you know I talked to Swerve at least once every week or so you know just talking about wrestling talking about stuff that’s going on how Daniel Garcia almost killed and when that announce table. But you know that type of stuff. Dante Martin when he broke his foot after a while I asked about him got his Twitter page DM them and was like Yo, you know, are you alright? What’s your recovery looking like? Told him how explosive I think he is and there’s people over there obviously all my old WWE people that I still care about. Anyone who follows me knows when Aleister Black made the move over and became Malakai, I was crushed. I thought we were idiots to let that guy go. Aleister, I was such a huge fan of him during his NXT and I was waiting for his push on the main roster. Same thing with Andrade now and Andrade is back. When I see things like the LWO I was pissed that Andrade is not in it. When I see things like Judgement Day. I’m pissed. Aleister Black isn’t there. So now I still watch those guys. Adam Copeland as well over there in AEW. I don’t hate AEW, I hate their miserable faceless fans who got not even a picture of themselves and have the nerve to try to stand on their words. I hate your guts.”

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