Impact Wrestling Results – June 15, 2023

(Photo Credit: Impact)

Impact Wrestling is back on our televisions. On the card is Moose vs. Rich Swann and Impact Tag Team Champions Chris Bey and Ace Steel vs. Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus. Plus, we will here from the new Impact World Champion Alex Shelley and new X Division Champion Chris Sabin and more. Continue below for full results.

The NEW Impact World Champion Alex Shelly and NEW Impact X-Division Champion Chris Sabin promo:

Sabin says it felt like he dreamt waking up after AAO and they both had gold, but not just tag gold. Sabin became a nine-time X-Division Champ, and Shelley won his first world title. Shelley says he ugly cried because winning the title finally made him feel like he was good enough. Shelley names Okada, Jay White, Young Bucks, Trey Miguel, Kushida, and Seth Rollins as people who had their turn. Sabin declares this is the Machine Gun era of Impact.

Out comes Nick Aldis smiling. He apologizes for interrupting, but he has something he wants to get off his chest. Aldis called his shot, Shelley called his, and everyone was there to congratulate him, including Aldis. He credits Shelley for pulling him up back in the day, which launched him into his own world title reign. Now Aldis plans on winning the title at Slammiversary. Trey Miguel comes out and says he’s gassy from all the smoke they keep blowing up each other. Miguel says they forgot about him when talking about the Impact Mount Rushmore. Sabin tells him to shut up and says he has to earn respect.

Kenny King, flanked by Sheldon Jean, Kenny calls Sabin a jerk for discrediting Trey. Sabin challenges them to 3-on-3. Gisele Shaw’s music hits next as Shaw, Evans, and Vidal come down. Shaw says what Kenny said is true — the spotlight should be hers, but instead it’s Trinity’s… just like what happened with Aldis and the Guns. Shaw asks Shelley if he deserves all of this. Alex says “yup.” He says there was no carpet for them and have been here for decades. Shelly says it sounds like her problem is with Trinity.

Trinity comes out next. She says she’s here for Shelley’s class and wants to see Shaw get schooled. Vidal gets in her face and Trinity threatens to punch him in the face again. Out comes Deonna Purrazzo! She announces she has surpassed 500 days as cumulative champion. Purrazzo wants to be involved if people are talking about getting knocked out. Trinity reminds Deonna that she’s only champ until Slammiversary. Aldis says the same to Shelly. Santino Marella interrupts and books a 5 on 5 main event for tonight.

Backstage with Steve Maclin:

He says, says it took him two years to reach the world title and now Scott D’Amore got his way. Maclin gets angry and walks off.

Deaner talks to Angels and Kon backstage:

Angels starts an argument. Deaner and Angels blame each other for the AAO loss, and Kon cuts into calm things down. He says this is what Sami wanted. Kon says they should let Impact know this is their territory.

Moose vs. Rich Swann

RESULTS: Rich Swann defeats Moose via pinfall with a Roll Up.

Backstage with Heath:

He talks about how he earned his contract for Impact Wrestling. Then he was injured for 11 months and came back to his partner in a cult. Now everyone is going to see what he’s really about! Everyone is going to have a WAKE-UP CALL!


Moose runs into Brian Myers. Brian Myers suggests him and Moose team up!

In-ring promo from Bully Ray:

He starts by calling himself a victim of Scott D’Amore and poor management. Bully says he wanted to be the people’s next world champion, but Scott took that away from everyone. He has a copy of the letter that he sent to Anthem higher ups demanding justice. Bully demands answers.

Scott D’Amore comes down and calls him a lying, stooging b****. Bully repeats what is in the letter. D’Amore says he went before the Anthem board and heard his ridiculous complaint that he crossed the line at AAO. Scott reveals he was informed that he should take a leave of absence following his actions. Bully says that’s music to his ears because his bosses screwed him. Ray tells Scott to leave. Scott says he agrees with the board’s decision and proceeds to beat up Bully.

Steve Maclin runs in, and beats D’Amore down Bully joins him. Maclin grabs chairs from the outside. Bully chokes Scott and Maclin raises his chair as the lights go out. PCO appears in the ring but Maclin goes right after him with chair shots. PCO levels Bully and Maclin before Scott dropkicks Maclin out of the ring. Scott announces he made one more match official!  Bully & Maclin vs. PCO & D’Amore at Slammiversary.


Maclin rants about how PCO won’t stay down. Bully says he’s just a man. They overhear Frankie Kazarian talking down the hall. They get into it as Frankie reminds Bully not to mess with management. Eddie Edwards walks up and intervenes. After Maclin and Bully walk away, Eddie appears to make amends with Frankie.

NON-Title Match – Tag Team Champions ABC (Chris Bey and Ace Austin) vs. Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus (Decay)

RESULTS: ABC defeats Decay via with The Fold. As ABC is walking to the back when they run into the Motor City Machine Guns. They say that they know the tag division is in good hands with ABC as champs. Respect was earned from everyone!

Gia Miller interviews Bhupinder Gujjar:

We see a preview of his Diary episode that airs next week. She asks Gujjar to speak on it as Dirty Dango walks up. He wonders why anyone would want to watch a documentary on Gujjar who just sits in the locker room. Dango suggests they should make a documentary on his business outside of the ring. Gujjar calls Dango a bitter bleep.

Motor City Machine Guns, Deonna Purrazzo, Trinity & Nick Aldis vs. Trey Miguel, Kenny King, Sheldon Jean, Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans

RESULTS: Motor City Machine Guns, Deonna Purrazzo, Trinity & Nick Aldis defeat via pinfall after Alex Shelly hits a Shell Shock on Sheldon Jean.

After the match, Nick Aldis strikes Shelley with the world title to send a message. Sabin chases Aldis out. Aldis shouts from the ramp as the show ends.

Next week, OVE vs. Myers & Good Hands, The Design vs. Gresham & Bailey, Taylor Wilde vs. Killer Kelly, Bully & Maclin vs. Kazarian & Edwards and more. Stay tuned with pwmania for more wrestling news, results and more!