Jeff Jarrett Explains Why Goldberg Didn’t Have More WCW World Title Reigns

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, who is also All Elite Wrestling’s Director of Business Development, took to an episode of his “My World with Jeff Jarrett” podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including whether Eric Bischoff was ever exposed on WCW television.

Jarrett said, “The short answer is, I don’t believe — and look, how we’re born and raised and seeing success and failure, I look at overexposure maybe a little different. But the short answer is no, because if the stories are there and you can talk and you’re engaging, and it makes sense, it’s something that — and boy, you talk about something that just completely caught me off guard, Norman Smiley and Ralphus. But I’m telling you, the overexposure discussion; Eric can always talk and so no. But with that being said, you made something to the point that Vince [Russo] didn’t care — and I’m paraphrasing, and I’m not saying verbatim — didn’t care about putting butts in seats. But isn’t it fascinating how we’ve done this podcast, and we’ve talked about serving different masters. But isn’t putting butts in seats the same as getting ratings? They’re not exactly the same, but they do go hand in hand. But the ratings and the houses went down.”

On Goldberg’s one WCW World Title reign and whether he should have had more reigns:

“He’s definitely the kind of talent — well, there are two sides to that. The first part of the question or however it was, the first thought that came to my mind. Why didn’t he have another title reign? Bill wasn’t a big politicker or in conversation mode. That just isn’t his style. And the political maneuvering between — I’ll just say Bischoff, and Hogan, and Russo and Nash, and — I just say other decision-makers. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory term as far as politicking. It just obviously never came up in the cards.”

“But Bill’s a guy that — you know, he’s not going to give you a 25-minute match. I’m not saying you should have him. He had his most success, I believe in the WWE, with very, very short, structured, high-impact move matches. But to do it in the world title picture? I think the most successful reigns are guys that can have a match with anybody. And Bill, that isn’t up his alley. He drew money in different ways, is really what I’m trying to say. He didn’t need the belt, and if he got it, I think it would pigeonhole him and the title.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.

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