Jim Cornette Says The Bloodline Civil War At WWE MITB Was 15 Minutes Too Long

Most people have had nothing but good things to say about The Bloodline Civil War at WWE Money In The Bank 2023.

Enter Jim Cornette.

The legendary pro wrestling manager was critical of the booking of the match over the weekend at the O2 Arena in London, England, which saw The Usos defeat Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa in just over 30 minutes.

According to Cornette, the match was 15-minutes longer than it needed to be.

“[During the Blooding Civil War] I understand that at the start they were in no hurry, they were milking it because the issue is over and Roman’s over,” Cornette said. “Did this match need to be 33 minutes bell to bell? It was the right finish.”

Cornette continued, “Historically, World Champions have lost falls in tag team matches to set sh*t up. I didn’t mind that, if they’d beaten Solo[Sikoa], people would have kind of been, ‘ehhhh’ because that’s what you’d expect and obviously Roman wanted to get the family over. So the only problem I had was goddamn the first 15 minutes was a schlog, wasn’t it?”

Check out the complete episode of The Jim Cornette Experience podcast where the legendary pro wrestling manager talks further on this topic by visiting Omny.fm. H/T to SportsKeeda.com for transcribing the above quotes.