Jimmy Wang Yang Retiring From In-Ring Action

A former WWE star from the 2000s is calling it quits.

This weekend marks the start of Jimmy Yang’s (aka Jimmy Wang Yang) final run in wrestling.

Yang hasn’t been to Japan in over 20 years, but he’ll be back this weekend for Pro Wrestling Noah’s “One Night Dream” on 7/15. He’ll be teaming up with Super Crazy and Stallion Rogers to take on Anthony Greene, YO-HEY, and Tadasuke. Since leaving WWE as a wrestler over a decade ago, the 42-year-old has wrestled on independent shows while also running Jimmy’s Redneck Party Bus, a limo service in the Cincinnati area.

Jimmy has also been assisting his daughter in getting her foot in the door in pro wrestling, and she will be teaming with Miyuki Takase against Hibiscus Mii and Yuu on the “One Night Dream” card.

Jazzy Yang, 20, began wrestling in 2021, partnering with her father in her first few matches. She’s wrestled all over the country since then, including as The Greatest Clusterf**k on Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 show during WrestleMania weekend last year.